Teamfight Tactics Becomes A Permanent LoL Game Mode, Brings In Four New Hextech Champions

Teamfight Tactics Becomes A Permanent LoL Game Mode, Brings In Four New Hextech Champions
Credit: Solo Carry via YouTube

Good news has just arrived from Riot Games as the game developer confirmed the permanent addition of Teamfight Tactics to the League of Legend’s game mode. The recent press release mentioned that the American video game developer would continue providing support for Team Tactics improving it with patches and new in-game features like synergies, ranked seasons, and new champions. And to usher the permanent addition of Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games will be adding four new heroes next month.

The new characters, Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx will be live on the beta servers two weeks ahead of its intended release. These four new heroes will be hailing from a place called Hextech with the ability to randomly immobilize enemy items. These champions though will be fully available for gamers on August 14.

Riot Games also explained that having two of the new characters will randomly disable two enemy items. And having all four of them will disable four items from an enemy. The game developer also pointed out that random means being able to choose which items to disable from any of the enemy units holding an item. This new game mechanics makes gameplay more reliable against players who are stockpiling their items on fewer units. With the ability to disarm enemy units, the newly released Hextech champions would be great for shutting down unstoppable characters that rely on items for power.

Additionally, Riot Games also announced their decision to permanently include Teamfight Tactics to the League of Legends game. This does not come as a surprise considering the success of the game mode brought in a significant number of Twitch viewers. Riot also hopes the gameplay addition would be able to bring in more auto battler players from across the world.

Because of the enormous success of the auto-chess battler, Riot Games made a commitment to provide updates and regular patches continually. They also promise to expand Teamfight Tactics further with ranked seasons and various other gameplay improvements.

Riot is one of the first game dev companies to pioneer the auto-chess genre, and they have made a decent competition in the market. The new addition of Teamfight Tactics and the release of the four new Hextech characters show that Riot Games has no intention of dropping out on the auto-chess genre. League of Legends player can expect Teamfight Tactics mode to get better and better.