‘Tangledeep’ Successfully Launches Second DLC ‘Dawn Of Dragons’ With A Decent Amount Of Content

‘Tangledeep’ Successfully Launches Second DLC ‘Dawn Of Dragons’ With A Decent Amount Of Content
Credit: Impact Gameworks via YouTube

We’ve covered in the past Tangledeep, a 16-bit dungeon-crawling RPG that offers a solid amount of customization, combat depth, and tremendously enjoyable progression.  Developer Impact Gameworks brought Tangledeep to Steam February 1st, 2018, and its accessibility pushes the title from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ in its genre, easily going head-to-head with massive studios in terms of pleasant content to work through.  Upon a successful Steam launch, Impact Gameworks then brought the title to the Nintendo Switch, where it has received even more praise for its control, UI, and pleasant dungeon romping.

It became clear to the developers that the title had legs, and they began crafting various DLC’s for the indie.  Legend of Shara was released April of 2019 to a receptive audience with generally positive results.  Bringing another playable character, Shara, to the fold with a new class, mechanics, and weapons, the Legend of Shara added even more content that would be accessible at the very start of the game, with the Riverstone Waterway bringing about a different starting path for intrepid adventurers.

Beyond the new character, Legend of Shara also brought about a new end-game challenge in the Realm of the Gods, where even more brutal monsters and champions could be found, dueled, and even captured for usage in later playthroughs.  The Mysterious Wanderer brought about Journeys, as well, with outlandish dungeons being added to the fold for our darling female protagonists to explore and battle.  Finally, Item Dreams also were brought about that allowed players to gamble with loot for massive upgrades, if they could survive the bizarre landscapes and champions that awaited them.

So the developers had their work cut out for them in regards to bringing massive amounts of content for a relatively low price.

Thankfully, it appears as though the new DLC, Dawn of Dragons, matches Legend of Shara in terms of content added.  The story of the DLC is that ancient dragons have awakened, and are bringing with them new monsters to terrorize the lands of Tangledeep.  These dragons are tremendously difficult bosses to upend, speaking nothing of the other bosses that they’ve brought with them.

With these dragons, Dragon Dungeons have also been added, bringing about new themes and mechanics for heroes to venture through to get close to the ancient greats.  Along with the dungeons, bosses, and enemies, Tangledeep now offers two new types of weaponry. Whips, which are strong against groups of enemies, are now found throughout the entirety of the dungeons.  A bit of finesse is required to effectively wield them, paying dividends for heroes that enter into battles with a clear plan of action.

Secondly, Wraps have been added for those that prefer unarmed combat.  They do not interfere with unarmed bonuses that heroes receive; they only add to the effects.  With various magical effects being added, unarmed combat is now a more reasonable and plausible class to work your way through the surprising amount of dungeons.

Adding in an unlockable crafting NPC that will allow you to recycle (or upcycle) your weapons and accessories, new magical affixes that can radically alter your playstyle, and new monsters to capture and use as pets, Dawn of Dragons looks to be Tangledeep’s most in-depth DLC yet.