Tale of Ronin Has Been Dealyed Till 2021, Samurai Fans Will Have To Wait Longer To Experience The Life Of A Ronin

Tale of Ronin Has Been Dealyed Till 2021, Samurai Fans Will Have To Wait Longer To Experience The Life Of A Ronin
Credit: Dead Mage via Youtube

Dead Mage has delayed its upcoming release Tale of Ronin until 2021. The upcoming title will explore the more human side of the Samurai, giving a perspective on the turmoil and violence of their era. So far, there is no direct reason for the delay, but the title still remains an exciting adventure for fans to explore sometime next year.

The game focuses on a samurai who does not serve a master. As serving a master is one of the most important parts of samurai culture, ronin act as an outcast and give a different perspective to Japanese society during this era.

Explore the human side of the legendary ronin as you explore an RPG full of war, betrayal, peace, and camaraderie. The most vital of all samurai tradition is centered in this story as players will learn the power and price of honor.

Explore a dynamic world and craft your own legend as a free ronin. Experience their emotions and adventures as you find your way through an era authentic world. This title gives a unique look into the lives and minds of the ronin.

The combat system is a simultaneous turn-based experience. Detailed katana swordsmanship is built into the game, giving it an authentic feel in a digital environment. Pre-plan your combat and value each decision as a matter of morality and honor.

Tale of Ronin uses the Sekai System, where even if you die, the world continues. Each death will result in a new ronin, but the world will continue with the previous decisions still intact. This presents a constantly evolving environment that is directly impacted by every decision players make.

The world is a semi-authentic Japan set in the era of the samurai. There is a fine line between reality and fantasy that the game takes advantage of, creating a believable world with enough fantasy to make it fun. The entire game is presented in a traditional Sumi-e art style giving it a hand-painted and inky look. This makes the game fit its era as well as giving it a unique style.

Tale of Ronin will be available on Steam in 2021. A Kickstarter campaign is planned to pre-date the launch, so fans should keep an eye on Dead Mage for more information. Dead Mage can be found on their main website or varying social media channels. Explore the world of a ronin, and defend your honor as an outcast in feudal Japan society.