T1 Sweep Gen.G In League Champion Korea’s Spring Split 2020 Finals

T1 Sweep Gen.G In League Champion Korea’s Spring Split 2020 Finals
Credit: EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library via YouTube

T1 took down the leader of the LCK’s Spring Split standings Gen.G today in a clean 3-0. The former League of Legends world champions are known for their playoff buff and this came to show throughout the team’s Spring Split’s playoff matches.

The entire T1 roster was on point, showing no hesitation during their calls which helped them acquire their third LCK title in a row. Jungler Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan received the Most Valuable Player award of the series after his decisive shot calls and formidable gameplay on a variety of champions.

T1 drafted answers for every pick from Gen.G throughout the series. Coach Kim Jeong-soo, who T1 acquired from Damwon Gaming during the offseason, is constantly out-drafting opposing teams and transforming rookie top laners into world-class champions.

While teams would ban Ornn due to how overpowered he’s considered, coach Kim found a perfect counter to the pick with Sylas. As a result, T1 freed up a required ban in the top lane by having the perfect answer against one of the best top laners in the game.

T1 top laner Kim “Canna” Chang-dong repeatedly made teleport plays when sieging the enemy nexus towers to protect the last minion and give his team more time to finish the game. While most top laners would just try to finish the tower, he seems to choose the better play in the nick of time.

Gen.G tried their best to stand up to T1, but they succumbed to their superior calls, drafts, and teamfights in the end. Series can often end in explosive fights, but this one was not a common one with T1 running Gen.G’s base down.

T1 went through a shaky offseason, losing their star top laner and jungler. But they picked worthy replacements in Canna and Cuzz. While Cuzz was already known in the scene and the community knew what to expect, Canna is a rookie who played on the trainee roster of T1. He’s shown a formidable display of skill this split and is worthy of being called one of the better top laners in LCK.

Faker’s legacy lives on, losing only one LCK final during T1’s finals appearances. He is the Greatest of All Time in League of Legends Esports and will remain for a long time, there is no other player who has had as much success as the Korean superstar mid laner. He has been the core of T1’s success since season 3.