T1 Secured A Decisive Win Against Sandbox Gaming In Week 2 Of League Champions Korea

T1 Secured A Decisive Win Against Sandbox Gaming In Week 2 Of League Champions Korea
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

T1 claimed another hour-long series win against Sandbox Gaming today in a dominant fashion. The former League of Legends world champions now sit at a 3-1 record heading into week three of the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

Top laner Canna played a massive role in his team’s victory and received both Player of the Game awards for his oustanding Kennen and Jayce performances.

The first game began with an absolute stomp in the top lane. After some swift moves, Canna outplayed Summit and won the laning phase.

With the pressure from the top lane, T1 were able to funnel resources into the bottom lane and secure the dragons. With their gold lead, they were close to unstoppable and took down two Barons. While the first one was not enough to close out the game, the second one sealed the deal and gave them the first win of the series.

The second game was much closer with SB putting up a good fight. They secured early dragons and got to Dragon Soul point, but thanks to Faker’s swift moves on his signature Azir pick, he turned the tides of battle in T1’s favor and denied SB the Dragon Soul.

With the gold acquired from that messy team fight, T1 secured Baron and pushed to end the game.

T1 recently took down Afreeca Freecs in convincing fashion as well.

The first game of this LCK Summer Split series was heavily in favor of AFS. Their superior drafting netted them Zoe, Aphelios, and Nautilus, while T1 tried to respond with Karma, Ezreal, and Leona.

AFS’ ADC, Mystic, was on fire throughout the entire Spring Split and has been leading the charge for ADCs in the LCK Summer Split as well. With the Aphelios pick, he was able to snowball the game, leaving no room for errors and decisively securing the first game win.

But after that, T1 did a complete turnaround in the second game and adjusted their pick and ban phase to remove Aphelios from the pool. They picked up Twisted Fate for Faker instead of a support champ like Karma, which allowed him to control the entire map. While AFS tried to respond with a Galio pick, he was utterly useless in the game and had no impact.

T1 picked up all possible neutral objectives and didn’t drop a single tower. They were close to a perfect game, but Effort’s heroic play to tank the tower before AFS respawned shattered those dreams.