Sword and Sandals: Spartacus Mobile Game Announced Following PC Release

Sword and Sandals: Spartacus Mobile Game Announced Following PC Release
Credit: Spartacus Swords And Sandals Official Website

Whiskeybarrel Studios recently released the newest title in their Sword and Sandals series. The game, Sword and Sandals: Spartacus, is a combat platformer starring the legendary gladiator.

The game was released on Steam on December 22 last year but has now been announced for mobile.

“One man who broke free from a brutal gladiator arena. One man who took on the most powerful legions in Ancient Rome. This is the story of the legendary … Spartacus!” states the Steam store description, “Now for the first time, take up the sword of the greatest gladiator ever and do battle with Rome yourself in this thrilling action combat platformer. From the dark dungeons under the Arena of Capua to the heights of Mt Vesuvius and beyond, you will battle brutal slave drivers, grizzled legionnaires and mighty centurions as you free the slaves of Rome.”

The game contains “retro combat platforming” in an adventure taking place in Ancient Rome. Besides the normal story mode, there’s an additional permadeath mode for a more significant challenge.

Other titles in the Sword and Sandals series include Pirates and Medieval titles. They all include similar “retro combat platforming” that replicates the arcade experience.

While the developer’s website covers the entire series from its beginnings to where it’s headed in the future, publisher egames.com has announced other news.

On the official publisher’s website, egames.com, the banner states the game is available now on Steam and that it is “coming soon to Google Play and the App Store.”

Besides from the upcoming releaseSword and Sandals: Spartacus, previously released titles on mobile include Sword and Sandals V, Sword and Sandals: Medieval, and Sword and Sandals: Pirates. The most recent release is Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor’s Reign.

No other information is available specifically for Sword and Sandals: Spartacus other that a mobile port is planned for the future.

The PC version of the game appears to be the ideal version, according to user reviews on the mobile stores. Many players stated that the mobile versions felt more like a “demo” than a full game.

Unlike the PC games, the mobile versions are free but include ads and in-app purchases. They’re also a way to take the game on-the-go instead of playing only on PC.

Sword and Sandals: Spartacus is currently available now on PC via Steam.