Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update: Game Gains Grounds, Tops Best-Selling List

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update: Game Gains Grounds, Tops Best-Selling List

The latest “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” update revealed that the game is now gaining grounds among many gamers, contrary to the initial feedback it generated.

It can be recalled that the excitement of gamers was suspended because of a particular issue.

On December 7, a lot of Nintendo users were ecstatic to know that the company was finally dropping the highly anticipated title via its Switch Online platform. Such was reportedly replaced, though, with disappointment when they experienced lags when playing.

The Business Insider shared in its “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” update that while it gathered negative feedback on its first week of going online, it is no longer the case these days. It was even described as “the best in the series.”

This newest game title from the Japanese electronics and games giant is said to be an excellent game. This can be attributed to the way it was developed and designed, and later on, to its updates.

As a fighting game, it features over 70 Nintendo characters fighting ultimately for their lives. You can choose the single-player mode or go for the multi-player option through Nintendo Switch Online, which gamers will be charged $20 each year. Moreover, players can relive their decades of support to the company since “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” comes with more than 700 songs from the 30 years of the games’ existence.

The report noted that the game is getting better weeks after it was launched. The company, however, has not given any statement yet as to what particular improvements it has embarked on. What it only stated, together with its three updates so far, was “Several issues have been fixed to improve the gameplay experience.”

In the meantime, Comic Book reported about the game’s success. It disclosed that Nintendo’s newest offering had been named as the best-selling video game of 2018.

The game has been a smash hit among gamers who never allowed 2018 to pass without them purchasing the video game from Amazon. Along with the popularity of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” many consumers have likewise bought other Nintendo products, such as the Nintendo Switch consoles and Nintendo Switch screen protector glass.

The total experience may even become better in the coming days as the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai appeared to be committed toward delivering this vision.

Keep posted for another “Smash Super Bros. Ultimate” update soon.