Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Receives 4.0 Update Patch Tuesday, Includes Dragon Quest Hero

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Receives 4.0 Update Patch Tuesday, Includes Dragon Quest Hero
Credit: Nintendo of America via Twitter

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just released a new update patch with added features for Nintendo’s best fighting game. The update includes several new characters, costumes, and other surprises as well as bug fixes and other updates.

There’s a lot to unpack in the new update. One of the major surprises for the latest update is the release of an all-new hero for gamers to use during play: Dragon Quest‘s main character, Hero, can now be played. Other additions include two new modes, Spectate and Online Tourney, as well as a timer for the Final Smash Meter. The timer means players will now need to time their use of the Final Smash or lose it. But there is also a Very Easy setting for Adventure Mode.

The Online Tourney mode, as its title suggests, will allow players to compete in online competitive play with special tourney-style rules. This mode is the first significant update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate multiplayer, and it looks promising. The new mode will randomize the competition by offering up special rule sets for each match in tournament competition.

Then there’s the Final Smash Timer, which will likely be met with mixed reactions from fans of the title. On the one hand, the new feature is sure to make the game more interesting. But, on the other, fans who were already having a hard time keeping up are going to have an even harder time now.

Luckily for them, the latest update also includes a Very Easy difficulty setting for Adventure Mode. This way, gamers can play through the game with no stress, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable play-through.

If that’s not an option, there is always Spectate Mode, which allows players to watch games without playing along. Nintendo is, once again, giving you the chance to watch your friends play like back in the living room all those years ago. But this time, you can place bets on who will win and earn in-game tokens for guessing correctly.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate originally released in December of last year. Since then, the game has been receiving continual updates from the developers at Nintendo. There are sure to be many more ahead.

Dragon Quest‘s new Hero character can be purchased for $6 as a one-time DLC or along with the Fighter’s Pack DLC, which includes five characters for $25. More characters will be released in future updates, including Banjo-Kazooie, who will be released sometime later this fall.