Streamlabs OBS Now Seeking Private Beta Testers To Test Mac Version Of Its Streaming Software

Streamlabs OBS Now Seeking Private Beta Testers To Test Mac Version Of Its Streaming Software
Credit: Streamlabs OBS Official Blog

Streamers have several options to choose from when it comes to bringing their content to the masses. Unfortunately for Mac users, their selection of streaming software was a bit slimmer.

Streamlabs OBS has announced that they’re bringing their easy to use streaming software to Mac users very soon. First, they need help from the Mac community to ensure a smooth user experience.

Streamlabs OBS has announced they’re seeking tests for a Closed Beta. Testers should be a current streamer on any platform like Twitch or Mixer. The essential part of the test is that players are using a Mac.

The news was made on the official Streamlabs Twitter account and their Medium blog.

Testers should be prepared to stream for at least eight hours a week. This beta isn’t for those just starting or who can’t devote enough time to give Streamlabs OBS feedback.

Those interested in becoming a Closed Beta Mac tester should email Streamlabs with more information. Those who are chosen will receive a link to download the software, and an invitation to the private Discord server to discuss any issues with the Streamlabs team.

Streamers who sign up should expect to spend time communicating with the team. They’ll have to keep the staff updated with any issues experienced during a stream or even what went right.

Streamlabs OBS is one of the most popular streaming software services because of its ease of use. Many of the settings are automatic. Streamlabs also offers an extensive library of themes and overlays to make streams look more professional. Their themes are also customizable for that added personal touch.

While it is an all-in-one streaming solution, there are some other drawbacks that the company may be working on, such as reducing the resources it takes to run the software.

Streamlabs is free to download and use, but it does have a pricer Prime option. This includes more features, such as broader access to paid themes and selling merchandise.

Currently, there’s no set release time for the Mac version of Streamlabs OBS. The company will spend time discussing any bugs with beta testers and then incorporating their feedback into the software.

When Streamlabs OBS for Mac is ready to launch, they’ll announce the news on their official blog and social media pages.