Stellaris: Console Edition Has Received Its First Major Expansion Called Utopia, A Wealth Of New Content So You Can Diversify Your Empire

Stellaris: Console Edition Has Received Its First Major Expansion Called Utopia, A Wealth Of New Content So You Can Diversify Your Empire
Credit: Paradox

Stellaris: Console Edition was released earlier this year with the goal of being the first grand strategy game meant to be played on controllers. Although it has a dedicated following on PC, the developers wanted to offer players on Console the same opportunity to explore the galaxy. Paradox has officially released their first major expansion for the console edition of their game, Utopia.

There is tons of new content to be explored, including new customization features. From the addition of Unity points to new buildings, everything in the game has received some level of advancement. Paradox is known for their continual support of their games and with major expansions being released on console as well PC  their community is bound to grow.

Collecting Unity points players can then invest into Traditions to unlock new powerful Ascension perks. These perks allow players to customize their empire and choose which form of Ascension they want to strive for. Biological Mastery gives way into genetic modification, Synthetic Evolution casts away the biological shell in favor of computerized synthetic life, or your empire can go into Transcendence unlocking the full psionic potential of your people.

In addition to these new Traditions, players now have access to Megastructures, including Dyson Spheres and Ring Worlds. This will bring widespread fame and glory to your entire empire as well as beneficial gameplay advantages. If you want to house your population in space, you can create Habitat Stations that act like small planets giving your people places to live.

Abandon first contact protocols and instead influence primitive civilizations and adapt them to your beliefs using anything from observation stations to force. This expansion introduces new ways to control conquered worlds by selecting specific roles for the conquered species to follow. You can use them as Servants or enlist them into your army as Battle Thralls. You can even keep them as Livestock and feed them to your empire.

Your government can now also be customized with unique civics and authorities. You could play as a Fanatic Purifier and shun diplomacy, create a multi-species empire, or commit your populations into a Hive Mind allowing minimal political strife.

With an entire empire to control and customize the new expansion, Utopia, gives more control than ever seen. It is up to you which direction you take your Stellar Nation and with even more updates, and content down the road Console players won’t be left out of the galactic evolution yet to come.

Stellaris: Console Edition is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can purchase a PC version of the game through Steam for $39.99 or a console version for the same price. The update is available on both so you won’t be left out either way.