Steam Game The Watchmaker Is Planning A Release On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And Nintendo Switch

Steam Game The Watchmaker Is Planning A Release On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And Nintendo Switch
Credit: 1C Entertainment via Youtube

A new launch date for the platforming indie title The Watchmaker has been announced. The steampunk platformer will be headed to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, bringing it to the console audience. After an initial release on Steam, The Watchmaker met mixed reviews. Some loved its unique clockwork atheistic while others say the game still needs major improvement.

Solve a whole host of puzzles as you travel across five worlds full of powers, mystery, and giant bosses. As you explore each environment, you must take advantage of Alexander’s unique skills in engineering to help navigate the strange mechanical land.

Set in a steampunk world filled with clock mechanisms, players must help fix time after it loses its sanity. Play as Alexander, the keeper of a clock tower, who travels on a unique quest to restore time back to its natural state.

Enter a puzzle adventure after Alexander is awakened by a mysterious voice. This voice alerts him that something has gone wrong and that the clock tower is not working properly. Alexander immediately starts to age quickly, leaving only a limited amount of time for him to repair the tower’s damage.

Armed with a magnetic glove and the ability to control time, Alexander searches through the tower looking for the saboteur. Overcome complex enemies and solve riddles buried withing the clock world mechanisms. Save the clock, restore time, and uncover the mystery of the clock towers even stranger past.

Instead of health Alexander is losing time. Watch as a unique aging mechanic replaces the usual health bar and causes platers to rush through puzzles, whether than waiting for more HP.

Tons of items are hidden around the game just waiting to be collected. Enjoy a unique mix between exploration and platforming action as you take on puzzles and dodge through several dangerous boss fights.

Most of the puzzles are environmental in nature. Players must use their two tools, the magnetic gloves and the ability to control time, to solve each one. Harness your ingenuity and help fix the clock tower.

Most of the reviews compliment the game for good mechanics and visuals but tend to frown upon the movement control and bad camera angles. Players enjoy that there is a ton to do, but wish that there was more work put into the experience of the game itself.

Interested fans can play The Watchmaker immediately on Steam for $14.99. The release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch is planned for October 8.