Square Enix Is Going To Be Opening Its First Large-Scale Theme Park In 2020, But It’s Not What You’re Expecting

Square Enix Is Going To Be Opening Its First Large-Scale Theme Park In 2020, But It’s Not What You’re Expecting
Credit: Square Enix Via YouTube

Square Enix is opening up its very own theme park in 2020.

When you hear that statement, your mind goes into overdrive imagining Chocobo carousels, or a Dragon Age roller coaster, maybe even a Final Fantasy 3D motion simulator.

You’re not getting any of that. And no, it’s not the Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy VII.

Square’s theme park will not feature any of their video game IPs. Instead, it will be a completely independent venture called Ninja Tower Tokyo, and it is being created through Square’s Live Interactive Works subdivision.

Live Interactive Works is a branch of Square Enix initially established to work on entertainment attractions that are location-based. This includes shopping malls, event spaces, and theme parks. The goal is to provide a game-like experience for guests but in a real-world setting.

Some previous projects from Live Interactive Works include the Crystal Story night walk, the Prism Pink Pool relaxation spot, and the Yokero parkour attraction.

All of these previous attractions were smaller and more self contained. Ninja Tower Tokyo, however, is going to be its first ever large-scale live entertainment offering.

It was described by Attractions Magazine as featuring “State of the art Ninja attractions.”

On the official website of Live Interactive Works, the story of the park was described.

“Once when Tokyo was called Edo, there was a village of Ninja who served as guardians of the mausoleum of the Shogun’s family. Their village, whose ancestral face was a courtesan, was said to have captivated the general because of its beauty.”

It then goes on to describe the attraction as “sensational ninja entertainment taking place in a gorgeous village.”

Ninja Tower Tokyo will be located at the Tokyo Tower Foot Town facility. The size of the area was described as 150 Tsubo, which translates to 5,337.48 square feet. Square estimates that the full experience will take around 90 minutes.

Square Enix has featured Ninja warriors throughout their games in the past. Edge Geraldine from Final Fantasy IV and Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy VII immediately spring to mind. However, it needs to be restated that none of these characters will factor into this new theme park in any way.

However, if Ninja Tower Tokyo is successful, we might see more Square Enix live entertainment appearing in the future, which could someday include a theme park based on its most iconic video game franchises.

Ninja Tower Tokyo has no official release date, but is slated to open its doors to the public sometime in 2020.