Square Enix Is Exploring Opportunities To Showcase Its E3 Lineup Online In The Wake Of The Event’s Cancellation

Square Enix Is Exploring Opportunities To Showcase Its E3 Lineup Online In The Wake Of The Event’s Cancellation
Credit: PlayStaion via YouTube

Square Enix was set to take the stage this summer at the Electronic Arts and Entertainment Expo, AKA E3.

That was before the COVID-19 virus, also known as the coronavirus, forced the closure of several gaming events, including E3.

Square Enix addressed the show’s closing on its official Twitter account, supporting the decision of organizers to close the show and discussing how they will move forward.

“As the world has echoed and united, nothing is more important than protecting the health and well-being of our employees and their families, our partners, and unquestionably, our fans,” Square said. “We support the ESA’s decision to cancel E3 2020 and send our strongest heartfelt appreciation to everyone that works tirelessly to bring unforgettable games and experiences to E3. We understand this is disappointing not only to our respective developers and publishers, but also to thousands of fans who venture from afar to celebrate games at E3. We’re right there with you.”

Square then goes on to say that it is looking into other options to share their next generation titles with the pubic. This could include online streaming events, where Square would essentially give their E3 presentation, but in a way that does not risk potential contamination.

This seems like an option that a number of companies will have to look into this year, with so many large-scale gaming shows being taken off the schedule due to the rising global pandemic.

It’s similar to the Nintendo approach.

Nintendo stopped doing live presentations in person at events like E3 years ago, opting instead to create online showcases called Nintendo Direct.

The company uses Nintendo Direct segments all throughout the year to highlight what they’re working on.

E3 was cancelled earlier this month due to the rising concern of the entire global community regarding COVID-19. For a while now, the ESA was adamant that the show would go on, but as various vendors and partners continued to pull out, it seemed as though they had no choice but to cancel.

At one time, E3 was the single most important event in the gaming industry’s year. It was where you saw the debut of major games and new consoles. It was where Square Enix announced its upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake just five years ago.

However, the show has fallen from grace a bit in recent years. Sony has completely pulled out of E3, leaving Microsoft as the only major company that still does a live panel from the convention. The ESA had vowed that it would be shaking things up this year, but the outbreak of COVID-19 has nipped that idea.