Sony Makes Last Minute Change To The July PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup

Sony Makes Last Minute Change To The July PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup
Credit: Quantic Dream via YouTube

Towards the end of last month, Sony announced its PS Plus free games lineup for the month of July, and to say that fans were disappointed in what they were would be a massive understatement. In the original announcement, Sony revealed that Horizon Chase Turbo and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will be free in the month of July for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

But on Tuesday morning, via the official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony announced that they were removing Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 from the PS Plus free games lineup and that they’re going to replace it with the Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition, which also includes Heavy Rain.

If you’re unfamiliar with Detroit: Become Human, it’s described as a powerful, emotional journey that’s made up of choice and the consequences of those choices. The game is set in the city of Detroit during the year 2038, and the city has been revitalized thanks to the invention and addition of androids. But, as you might’ve expected, the androids begin to rebel, and everything starts to spin out of control.

In Detroit: Become Human’s main story, you’ll play as three characters, Kara, Connor, and Markus.

Kara is an android who is a domestic servant to a man named Todd Williams, a taxi driver who hates androids. So, naturally, Williams abuses Kara, and just to make matters worse, he abuses his own daughter in front of his android. Each time though, Kara intervenes, and in response, her owner sends her back to the factory to have her memory wiped out.

Kara’s model, which is called AX400, is designed to look after children and perform basic household tasks. She’s able to speak over 300 languages, and she’s extremely empathetic towards children.

The second playable character in Detroit: Become Human is an android named Markus, who, after escaping from his master, joins up with a faction of deviant androids. His main purpose is to start an android revolution, as he’s unhappy about how they’re treated in society. In the end, Markus is fighting for his kind to have equal rights, and be treated as if they’re human.

The game’s third main character, Connor, is specifically designed to hunt down deviant androids. He’s also designed to be a skilled detective and hostage negotiator, who is sent to investigate a hostage situation at the beginning of his story. On top of that, he has the ability to scan rooms and create a reconstruction of past events, which allows him to piece together evidence from a crime scene.

Both Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Chase Turbo are available now, and they’re free of charge for PlayStation Plus subscribers.