Sony Drops Rumble For Haptic Feedback In Playstation 5 But Refuses To Call It Dualshock 5

Sony Drops Rumble For Haptic Feedback In Playstation 5 But Refuses To Call It Dualshock 5
Credit: JKAM via YouTube

The new PlayStation 5 will no longer have the rumble vibration. Instead, the controllers will adopt haptic feedback, the tactile sensors found on the Steam and Xbox One controllers.

The development was confirmed by Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in a recent blog post.

He wrote that they are always trying to innovate to enhance the immersive experience for PlayStation users.

There are two features of the PS5 controllers that fans should look out for. The first is the haptic feedback to replace the rumble technology. Sony has been employing rumble vibration since the fifth generation of consoles.

However, Ryan said that haptic technology simply provides a wider range of feedback. For instance, whether you crash into a wall or being tackled by an opponent, rumble gives the same vibration.

With haptic technology, users can feel the nuance of the two scenarios. In fact, he said that they tried to level up the nuance in touch technology. Now, users will notice the difference between walking in grass or lumbering through the mud.

Another feature of the PS5 controllers is the “adaptive trigger.” The new technology has been integrated into the L2/R2 trigger buttons. The resistance in the adaptive triggers can be configured to match the experience.

He said users would feel the texture of pulling back an arrow or pushing on the gas on an off-road vehicle. Taken separately, both haptics and adaptive triggers already change the way users play the game.

However, users will enjoy a fully immersive experience when they optimize both haptics and adaptive triggers.

Ryan also revealed that they already rolled out the PS5 controllers to game creators. Now, they are excited to see how the game creators will integrate the innovations into their games.

As to the name of the PS5 controller, Sony is not calling it Dualshock 5. Right now, executives claim that the controller doesn’t have a name yet.

Despite some rumors about the name (it was code-named Erebus at one point), Sony is sticking with PlayStation 5. Of course, it’s hardly a surprise considering the name of its predecessors. Sony’s consoles have always been known by the brand, along with the corresponding number.

Among the specs confirmed for the PS5 include the SSD drive, which boosts performance at lightning speeds compared to PS4. Another is the ray-tracing technology, which is integrated into the GPU and not simply a software fix.

The Sony executive also confirmed that the PlayStation 5 would be launched around the holidays next year.