Sony And Atlus To Release Brand New Limited-Edition Persona 5-Themed Playstation 4

Sony And Atlus To Release Brand New Limited-Edition Persona 5-Themed Playstation 4
Credit: atlustube via YouTube

Playstation fans are excited as they waited for the upcoming reborn of Persona-5 subtitled Royal that will be released in Japan next month. With just a few more weeks to the launch of the game, Sony partnered up with Atlas to deliver an exclusive, limited-edition Playstation 4 gaming devise for avid players.

The new hardware was crafted around Persona 5 theme and was revealed recently during a game show in the past week, specifically in the 2019 Tokyo Game Show. The exclusive merchandise comes with PS Pro, two PS4 consoles, and two pieces of top covers. The gaming hardware also includes two controllers (DualShock 4), that conspicuously features the gamer’s beloved character on the touchpad— The Phantom Thief “Morgana.”

The PS Pro has an “icy white” color and designed with the popular moves of the “Phantom Thieves” called the All-Out-Attack. The companies also produce a controller that is designed to perfectly match the gaming console with one terabyte storage hard drive.

The two Playstation 4 consoles are available in two colors, black and white; both of which has their matching gaming controllers. The glacier white gaming console is designed with a faceplate that features Morgana, whereas the jet black ones come with a faceplate that features the picture of two characters, Joker and Arsene. Both of these devices have a storage space of 1-terabyte with 500-gigabyte configurations; with the latter costs much cheaper than the former.

There will also be separate controllers to be sold, which will come in two colors, white and black. Additionally, for gamers that already have their eight gen gaming consoles, they can purchase top covers for the devices.

The company will be launching this limited-edition merchandise on the same date as the official release of Persona 5 Royal in Japan, which is announced to be October 31. Since the exclusive hardware is a limited release only, it will be available for purchase only until December 25 of the same year.

To the dismay of fans, it is still unknown whether this exclusive merchandise will be available for global fans as well as only details about the merchandise Japan launch are unveiled during the game show. Perhaps these beautiful items will be released at the same time as the Western launch of the game Royal, which will be in the Spring of 2020.

For now, international fans can only wait for the next announcement and hope that they can get their hands on these particular devices.