Some Multiplayer Weapons In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Have Performed Strangely, Such As A Shotgun Shooting Like A Sniper Rifle

Some Multiplayer Weapons In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Have Performed Strangely, Such As A Shotgun Shooting Like A Sniper Rifle
Credit: NeozGlitcher via YouTube

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the latest installment in one of the most successful first-person shooter franchises. It’s a reboot of sorts that has introduced a lot of improvements. Like always, though, the multiplayer modes are spectacular. They let players team up and compete against opponents on some beautifully designed battlefronts.

What players really seem to be raving about — though — are the amazing weapons. There are so many great guns in this game, from long-range sniper rifles to heavy-duty assault rifles. Some of these weapons have performed a little differently, though.

Most notably, there’s one shotgun in online multiplayer that’s acting more like a sniper rifle. It looks like an ordinary shotgun, but it can reach opponents who’re far away. Needless to say, it’s creating a lot of anarchy and becoming one of the most sought after weapons in the entire game.

Another interesting gun attribute in online multiplayer deals with accuracy. One would think that you would get better precision when crouched as there is more stability. Yet, what players are finding is better accuracy when standing. This has thrown quite a few players for a loop.

So, are these unique gun mechanics supposed to be in the game or are they bugs that the developers haven’t had the chance to work out? That remains to be seen. Infinity Ward has yet to comment on these perceived bugs that the community seems to be liking to some extent.

You can bet that if the community does start turning against them, they’ll introduce some patches that adjust some of the gun’s designs. Infinity Ward is keen on making this first-person shooter as good as it can be. This is evident in the decision to exclude microtransactions.

It is worth mentioning that these deviations in normal gun performance aren’t that common. Most of the guns perform quite great and have a very authentic feel to them, in fact. The more time you spend in online multiplayer, the more incredible weapons you can unlock.

It’s apparent that gun variety and performance were two features Infinity Ward wanted to nail down perfectly. Of course there would be issues with some aspects of gameplay, but the developers are standing by to make the necessary improvements where they see fit.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare hasn’t been out for very long, but already, it’s one of the better installments to date. Expect it to get even better as the months progress.