Some Major Issues Are Being Looked At In Halo: Reach For PC According To Developer

Some Major Issues Are Being Looked At In Halo: Reach For PC According To Developer
Credit: GamingBolt via YouTube

Halo: Master Chief Collection has been a series that’s escaped PC users for a long time. Those on Xbox have been able to enjoy this amazing collection of games, and seeing their positive experiences, it has made PC users want to play these games all the more. Fortunately, the collection was finally released in early December on Steam. Judging by fan reactions and user reviews, PC gamers are loving what 343 Industries has done.

However, there’s been quite a few problems in Halo: Reach, the first installment of this amazing collection. For example, a lot of players have been experiencing audio issues. You can just imagine how frustrating this would be when in the middle of an intense battle or watching an important cinematic sequence.

Image stuttering and crouch complications have also reared their ugly head in Halo: Reach. Of course, there were going to be issues with some of these installments. After all, this Halo collection is massive. There are a total of six games, each jam-packed with single-player campaign and multiplayer content.

343 Industries isn’t taking these issues lightly, though. They took time out of their busy schedule to address these issues and concerns from fans in a blog post. To sum it up, 343 Industries is working on getting patches out as quickly as possible.

Their first priority — it seems — is the audio problems. They want users to have the best gameplay and cinematic experiences possible, and audio is a huge part of these overall experiences.

Unfortunately, the image stuttering isn’t such a quick fix. At this moment in time, the developer isn’t sure what’s causing these problems to occur. Thus, the repair timeline is pretty open-ended at the moment. Still, fans can be sure that the developers will make the proper adjustments where they’re needed the most.

Finally, the crouching issue where players can’t crouch while moving is currently being addressed. Expect to see this problem get resolved pretty quick compared to the image stuttering glitch.

If you’ve been playing Halo: Reach and have been affected by these complications, you can rest easy knowing patches are on the way. 343 Industries isn’t going to just leave you hanging. They are committed to making Halo: Reach a stellar experience on PC.

With these bugs, it only makes sense that other games in the collection will have problems. However, 343 Industries is standing by and seem to be taking a proactive approach to glitches and bugs. That’s always a great sign.