Solid Clouds Shares Positive Statistics For Its Successful Starborne Open Beta Launch

Solid Clouds Shares Positive Statistics For Its Successful Starborne Open Beta Launch
Credit: Starborne Official Website

Developer Solid Clouds has shared some stats for the open beta launch of Starborne. The developer considers the launch a success with several gamers joining the frontier.

Several weeks ago, the developer was accepting beta registrations for the game and didn’t know what the response would be. Now, Solid Clouds has reported back with positive results for the beta so far, which may be even better by the time the beta ends.

Within a few weeks of launch, the game has had positive reviews from players both new and veterans of the MMORTS genre. Along with the announcement was a 30-second video of the team thanking players plus displaying some of the stats since launch.

In three weeks after the open beta launched, eight servers were launched. Players created 99,000 outposts, 72,000 stations, and formed over 7,000 alliances plus have claimed over 1.3 million hexes in the Starborne frontier.

Starborne is a massive multiplayer Sci-Fi strategy game that takes place in real-time. Players have to build a successful empire while others are competing against them. The race to claim space gets tougher when wars are claimed for control of the galaxy.

Fortunately, players can strategize and form alliances with other players. The more allies one has, the better off they’ll be when the war begins. Every game is played over a 10 week period across a map that is completely seamless. Players have to work hard because the endgame is even more competitive and will “decide the fate of the galaxy.”

Players can enjoy Starborne in a variety of ways. They can become “militaristic powerhouses” or strategize with various alliances. While players can claim hexes, they’ll have to defend their space against other players.

The Starborne team has eighteen developers. This is the first game out of many the company plans on releasing.

The open beta for Starborne is still available. Players who want to try out the game for free can download it on PC from the Starborne website.

Players can register to play for free by creating a free account. Players can begin the download from the registration page while they fill out the required information. If a friend recommended the game, they can input their username on the registration page.

It’s currently unknown how long the beta will last before the game launches. Players interested in trying out Starborne should jump into the frontier now.