Snutz Is The Season 1 Classic Dueler’s League Champion In World Of Warcraft: Classic

Snutz Is The Season 1 Classic Dueler’s League Champion In World Of Warcraft: Classic
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

With the content draught PVP players of World of Warcraft: Classic experienced, many ideas emerged, and dueling tournaments became very popular on the channel of a twitch WoW streamer nicknamed ‘TipsOut.’

The tournaments were slowly gathering bigger crowds to each dueling competition, peaking at 20,000 viewers during one of the most excited match-ups.

Yesterday the remaining players battled for the top 8 spots to have a shot at the grand prize from the 50K $ prize pool. The winner of the first season was ‘Snutz,’ a renowned World of Warcraft player who began playing the game in 2004.

Kelvin ‘Snutz’ Nguyen made his professional debut at the MLG Pro Circuit in 2010, where he won first place with his teammates Venruki, Reckful and Sodah under the team name ‘Complexity Red.’ Snutz came back to BlizzCon in the following years with new teammates but kept emerging either as the grand champion or at least a finalist.

His gameplay is unrivaled and his experience of playing a Warlock is unmatched. He defeated Nazgul, another renowned Warlock in the grand final 3 to 1. He showed a mastery of the class and why he was is considered one of the best warlocks to grace this game.

The Classic Dueler’s League brought a lot of views, with the grandfinals peaking at around 50,000 viewers. While some players did not enjoy the tournament being dragged for a couple of months, others enjoyed the long-term competition between the players, which gave them the motivation to win and prove to the Classic community that they’re the best Dueler there is.

While many viewers praised the tournament for being a joy to watch, others criticized the sheer power of some classes, such as Warlocks who win most duels by default due to their powerful DoTs & cooldowns, which practically doubles their health pool. The tournament adapted to the environment since the inception and had some rules, which had to be followed, such as the maximum amount of resists, a list of usable items, etc.

The following season is looking to be even more exciting, considering the amount of money involved, and which can be earned by any World of Warcraft Classic player, who knows how to duel and has the motivation to beat everyone else. If more sponsors join, the prize could be even higher compared to the first season of 50,000$.

Stay tuned in the next weeks for the announcement of Season 2 of CDL and the requirements for qualifying for the tournament.