SnowRunner Just Received A New Trailer That Breaks Down Physics, Maps, And Contracts

SnowRunner Just Received A New Trailer That Breaks Down Physics, Maps, And Contracts
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

SnowRunner is a truck simulator that’s going all out in the realism department. Like the ice road truckers of today, you’ll get the chance to accept jobs that put your skills to the test in extreme situations. The slightest miscalculation, whether it’s accelerating on an icy patch or not turning wide enough, can result in total failure. That’s how detailed SnowRunner is looking.

So far, we’ve seen a couple of trailers ahead of this truck simulator’s April release. The developer has shown some of the environments that you’ll be moving through, and now, we have even more details to break down thanks to a new trailer.

It’s an overview that discusses many things. It first gets into the physics. The developer’s aim here was to simulate terrains and water that would affect your driving in real life. That will pose problems on certain hauls you take and will make you think carefully about which direction you head in.

Get the wrong path and you’ll be moving through several feet of water. Take a wrong turn and muddy roads will make things pretty messy. It’s these physics that make SnowRunner quite an authentic experience, one that is innovating the trucking genre as a whole.

Even water currents are represented accurately in this game. Go too far down stream and your truck could tip without warning. It’s these moment to moment physics-based mechanics that will keep you immersed with every inch you make in your selected truck.

If you do get stuck in a particularly stressful area, you’re not out of luck. The developer has given you a winch to use for hauling yourself out of bad spots. It seems like a particularly helpful tool if you’ve found yourself stuck in the mud or are trying to go up ice on a steep mountainside.

The trailer also breaks down some of the areas you’ll get to explore. There are a total of 11 open-ended maps with three different regions to explore. These include Alaska and Michigan. That should give you plenty of terrain to explore when you’re not taking jobs for cash.

As you travel through these different areas, you’ll get to discover new things like missions, contracts, and upgrades for your truck. So far, SnowRunner is shaping up to be an incredible truck simulator that is taking realism to the next level. If you enjoyed American Truck Simulator, this game is right up your alley.