“Slender Cat” Inspired By Longcat Added To Fight Of Animals Meme Game

“Slender Cat” Inspired By Longcat Added To Fight Of Animals Meme Game
Credit: Fight of Animals via YouTube

Fight of Animals was released in late December 2019. The title by Digital Crafter combined animal-related memes into a single fighting game to decide who was the strongest.

Fight of Animals has announced a brand new free animal update, adding to its roster of unusual animal fighters.

“Animal memes such as Power Hook Dog, Mighty Fox, Magic Squirrel and more are now become Fighters!! Simple Controls & Funny Animals & Exciting Battles!!! Choose your favorite animal and join the fight!! Players are able to fight through arcade mode become the King of Animals!” states the Steam page summary.

The newest animal is “Slender Cat,” who looks like the Longcat meme. Slender Cat uses its unusually long body and cat reflexes to fight opponents. Slender Cat has the advantage of being more flexible than its opponents. Its second attack is laser vision, which shoots laser beams from its eyes at its enemies.

The cat is available in either a white body version like the original meme or a Siamese cat variation.

Fight of Animals doesn’t only feature silly anime memes. It’s a fighting game meant to ease new players into the genre. There are only four buttons to create simple combos that are easier to execute than typical fighting games. Combos are performed by pressing the directional buttons plus a skill button.

Through Arcade Mode, players can take the fight online to see who is the “King of Animals.”

So far, there haven’t been many new animals announced. The developer seems to continue planning to release new animals based on memes into the title. There’s no information on who the future animals may be in the future, or if there will be any paid DLC in addition to free animal fighters.

There are also a few Steam Achievements. They range from simple Achievements like updating to the latest version to winning a Perfect Game in Arcade Mode.

Fight of Animals isn’t a complicated title, nor is it meant for serious fans of the fighting genre. It’s a comedic game featuring 3D animal fighters based on memes that have been popular in the past decade.

The game is available in English and Japanese plus Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Fight of Animals is available now on PC via Steam.