Should You Do The Bruno Fernandes POTM SBC In FIFA 21? Brilliant Card, But Very Expensive

Should You Do The Bruno Fernandes POTM SBC In FIFA 21? Brilliant Card, But Very Expensive
Credit: EA Sports

Bruno Fernandes is awarded the Premier League POTM SBC in FIFA 21 for his excellent goal contributions over the past month, and it was inevitable that a) this card would be brilliant, and b) it would be very expensive. Seems like both of those have come true.

91-rated Bruno is a ridiculous card, with fantastic stats in all the key areas for a central attacking midfielder. Those stats and the Premier League come at a premium, with the SBC coming in at around close to 1 million coins on both consoles.

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Now the real question is – is this Bruno Fernandes POTM SBC worth it? And although the card is really very good, I have to say that the SBC is too expensive probably for the majority of players at this point in the game.

His 90-rated TOTGS card is currently at around 700k-800k – is this +1 upgrade worth another 200k? Here’s a closer look at the stats thanks to FUTBIN.

First up, the positives. Those dribbling, shooting, and passing stats are unreal. Although Bruno doesn’t fit precisely into the meta (with agility and balance in the 80s and pace stats below average) it is made up for by 98 long shots and 94 vision. This card will be able to ping balls all over the place.

Now, the negatives. Bruno’s TOTGS card comes in at around 700k-800k with price fluctuation. That’s the market-determined price for a card of almost exactly the same quality. This POTM card gets a small boost to shooting and then +1 across the board

There are two things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about completing the POTM Bruno, a) 1 million coins is a lot to sink into an untradeable card, b) Fernandes will probably get many more special cards throughout the life cycle of FIFA 21.

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Your 1 million-coin Fernandes POTM SBC will likely be redundant by the time January rolls around, and although EA has been strangely quiet about Holiday promotions this year, TOTY and TOTS cards will still blow this one out of the water.

Save yourself a million coins and purchase the 90-rated TOTGS Fernandes if you want to play with this card, and save your coins for future, more cost-effective promos and cards.