Seventh Expansion Featuring New Visions Feature Comes To The Lord Of The Rings MMO, Minas Morgul Has Arrived

Seventh Expansion Featuring New Visions Feature Comes To The Lord Of The Rings MMO, Minas Morgul Has Arrived
Credit: Standing Stone Games Via Youtube

As the years keep on ticking The Lord Of The Rings Online continues to receive expansions for its active community. The newest is the addition of Minas Morgul which takes players into the scary Dead City for another epic adventure.

This expansion will focus on discovering the secrets and visions of the Second Age which lines up with the Amazon Lord of the Rings TV series that will be coming soon. The game does not appear to be connected but the line up feels like more than a coincidence.

When you visit the Mordor Besieged location you can use Isildur’s shade to participate in the visions of the Second Age. These visions let you take on the role of a hero in a similar class to your character’s and experience the events of a distant past. This feature, simply called visions, has been on the horizon for a while and fans are excited for it to be implemented.

“Players will infiltrate the city and visit other places of lingering evil in the region, such as the Houses of Lamentation… With the defeat of Sauron and destruction of the One Ring, the remnants of Mordor’s armies struggle in the power vacuum, and it will be up to players to help ensure that the last traces of evil are routed from Middle-earth,” reads a section of the press release.

There are also some in-game changes being made as well. The in-game level cap has increased to 130 and seven new instances are being added to the game. A new 12-person raid has been added which features Shelob the spider as the enemy. In addition, 250 new quests are being added to the game massively expanding the content available to players.

Lord of the Rings Online is developed by Standing Stone Games which took over from WB Games Boston. With Amazon creating their own free-to-play Lord of the Rings game it will be interesting to see what impact that has on the Lord of the Rings Online community.

Minus Morgul is the seventh expansion to the game. The rest are Mines of Moria, Siege of Mirkwood, Rise of Isengard, Riders of Rohan, Helm’s Deep, and Mordor. The game lets you explore most of the iconic areas from the movies and with this adventure into the City of the Dead players are expecting a close look at what was only a minor feature in the motion pictures and the books.

You can purchase the expansion for $40 for the standard version. The Collector’s Edition costs around $80 and the Ultimate Fan Bundle will be sold for $130. You can find information on each version on the official Lord of the Rings Online website.