Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 6 Is Now Live, Including Addition Of Cybernetic Supercar, Ronin

Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 6 Is Now Live, Including Addition Of Cybernetic Supercar, Ronin
Credit: lcfreezer via YouTube

Psyonix’s supercar-based extreme soccer title Rocket League just get a huge addition in the form of the newest Rocket Pass. Rocket Pass 6 adds in plenty of goodies with 70 tiers, including UFO Engine Audio, the Rad Rock Goal Explosion, or arguably the most interesting addition, Ronin.

Ronin is Rocket League’s newest vehicle, a cybernetic supercar set loose on the streets of Neo Tokyo. Players will receive this vehicle the moment they purchase a premium Rocket Pass, but won’t have the ability to obtain it on the free Rocket Pass.

There’s plenty more on the premium Rocket Pass. Players will receive something every level, as well as a 50% experience boost so that those levels come quicker. Rocket Pass 6 has seventy different rewards, including credits, party XP boosts, unique titles, exclusive skins, boost effects, and plenty more. Once you hit 70, you’ll still be able to progress up to 90, but the rewards for each level are hidden. You’ll receive 100 credits at 80 and 90, though.

The free Rocket Pass, predictably, doesn’t have much. You’ll receive a reward once every other level up until Tier 20, where you will then get a reward every third level. The frequency of rewards will continue to decrease as your tier increases, with very few on the free Rocket Pass really being that exciting, especially when contrasted with the premium version.

Of course, this is to be expected. Microtransactions are, unfortunately, the name of the gaming industry nowadays. Other than making the game more enjoyable, there’s no real incentive for Psyonix to give players the content for their progression without making them pay for it first.

Rocket Pass 6 will last for the next few months, beginning today and ending on July 15th. After the pass runs out, Psyonix will eventually release a Rocket Pass 7 with new unique rewards, which players must once again purchase if they want to earn the rewards.

Thankfully, Rocket League doesn’t have the same issue that some other titles will have where a season pass feels pay-to-win. None of the items that players will receive in the Rocket Passes will do anything to improve their performance in the game in any way, with each working as cosmetic or currency to get other cosmetics. Compared to games where the season pass may unlock weaponry or buffs, it’s practically harmless.

The Ronin is already speeding through the streets of Neo Tokyo. If you want to secure your dozens of new rewards, hop into Rocket League and grab the new Rocket Pass!