Riot Games’s FPS, Valorant, May Be Getting A Beta Ranked Mode Soon

Riot Games’s FPS, Valorant, May Be Getting A Beta Ranked Mode Soon
Credit: GameNews via YouTube

Riot Games finally released a game that isn’t League of Legends to make the plural “games” true, and it’s been pretty popular since release. Valorant, Riot’s FPS title, has been well received since its beta began.

But what’s the point of a beta if you don’t take feedback from fans and respond? Thankfully, Riot seems to have listened to fan feedback and are working to implement a ranked mode into the title.

Ranked Mode might seem a bit strange in a beta title. After all, the game isn’t finished, so why worry about your ranking in a ladder when the title itself isn’t even complete? The point of a beta test is, at the end of the day, to test the game for the developers, find bugs and glitches, and provide that feedback to the people behind the game.

Regardless, fans want ranked, and ranked they will have. Though Riot hasn’t made an official announcement on the game mode, they announced that they’ll be performing their first ranked testing soon.

The tweet in question is placed above, where RiotZiegler, the game director of Valorant, confirmed that the first rated testing would be coming soon. Whether you call it rated or ranked, the mechanic seems to be the same.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we really have available. Ziegler hasn’t mentioned what the testing will consist of, or if this is going to be a full beta form of that ranked mode where the player base will do the testing. Many have theorized online that the ranked mode will be similar to League of Legends, with an LP-based system that moves you up by tiers when you perform well.

Valorant has definitely made a good number of waves since its beta release. At the end of the day, any game Riot releases is going to be something that the gaming community pays attention to, and given how different an FPS is from the MOBA that has defined the company, Valorant was destined to be big.

That doesn’t mean that all of the waves are good, of course. Many have considered the game to be an Overwatch clone with similar mechanics, controls, and overall feel. Others have likened it to a mobile game FPS in terms of graphical appeal and the way the gameplay handles.

Either way, it’s still a beta, and there’s a great amount of improvements to be done. Riot is putting a huge amount of care into Valorant, so expect to see a good bit of polish applied.