Riot Games Will Introduce Quest Skins For League Of Legends, Which Might Evolve Based On Completion Of Quests

Riot Games Will Introduce Quest Skins For League Of Legends, Which Might Evolve Based On Completion Of Quests
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

Get your wallets ready, League of Legends fans. A new skin type is coming in League of Legends quite soon.

Design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon discussed a new skin type called “Quest Skin” in a dev blog. While Quest Skins will be purchasable in the “near future,” not much more information was provided.

“We are testing a new skin type (not a new skin tier with a different price) that will be purchasable in the near future,” Meddler said. “It’ll have some new features with specific technical needs which is why we need to have it on PBE and tested in advance.”

Meddler didn’t expand on what “specific technical needs” and features Quest Skins will have. And it won’t launch in the next patch or in the “immediate future.” But it might hit the PBE soon.

The cosmetics may evolve based on your completion of quests. It’s unclear if they’ll change throughout a match or over the course of many games. But it can potentially add a fun mini-game to Riot’s MOBA.

Riot will update fans on Quest Skins closer to their release date.

A champion skin refers to an alternate appearance (skin) and/or color scheme (chroma) for any given League of Legends champion.

Most skins can be purchased from the game client’s Riot Store using RP icon RP while some are only available for a limited time, with a very select few being unobtainable aside from the time they were first released.

Every skin comes with its own unique model and splash art, while some skins also give champions different particle effects, voice-overs, and sound effects (their price varies accordingly). Chroma only give a separate color palette to an existing skin or model.

Chroma are purchased in the same fashion as skins and cost RP icon 290 each. This was implemented with the Chroma 2.0 update alongside annual sales and the flexible bundles. All chroma can be purchased in a bundled format at a reduced price with its corresponding champion or skin.

Twice a year, an Essence Emporium is held that allows players to purchase a selection of cosmetics with BE icon Blue Essence, including both emporium-exclusive items as well as items that are otherwise only be available with RP icon RP, such as Chromaskins Chromas. The first Essence Emporium was held at the start of Season Eight. With the advent of the Essence Emporium, the previously bi-annual IP icon Chroma IP Sales was removed.