Riot Games Announces Diana As A Targon Champion For Legends Of Runeterra’s ‘Call Of The Mountain’ Expansion

Riot Games Announces Diana As A Targon Champion For Legends Of Runeterra’s ‘Call Of The Mountain’ Expansion
Credit: Legends of Runeterra

The hype continues for Legends of Runeterra‘s expansion coined the “Call of the Mountain.” Yet another champion card has been revealed today, Diana. Riot Games announced over at their Twitter account for the second-to-last champion on its anticipated card set. She will be proudly representing the new region of the expansion, Targon, and will sport the Nightfall mechanic. With druidism at her disposal, get ready to harness the Scorn of the Moon and take down the sun!

Diana is a 2/2 unit that costs two mana with a Quick Attack special and a Nightfall ability. The latter power reads, “Give me Challenger this round.” Players can upgrade her upon activating four Nightfall throughout the match.

Perhaps a combo finisher on the rise, the newest champion’s leveled form gives her additional +1/+1 with all the abilities mentioned above. On top of that, the upgraded configuration gives her +2/+0 when you trigger her Nightfall mechanic with her native Challenger ability, as well. A deck that does not deal with her sticking on board for way too long will have a difficult time minimizing her damage as she also triggers from your other Nightfall cards. Building a deck upon her, players can chain multiple Nightfalls in one turn for an OTK-like finish.

As a two-mana 2/2 unit with a Challenger keyword, she also presents board presence against aggressive decks. And, as mentioned, Diana is terrible versus slow and control decks either. The community is keen to compare her already to the likes of Lucian. Though she has one less attack, Diana can get a foothold of the board quickly with her unique abilities. Aside from these, in a perfect scenario, her main strength is when you activate her level two form. She can clear out the board with the Nightfall effect and threaten lethal if player have the opportunity to draw as much of her mechanic activator.

Because she exhibits the new Nightfall ability, Diana also has unprecedented synergies with other cards. The other Nightfall cards revealed formerly from regions of Shadow Isles, and Nocturne will have a strong case in players’ deck building process. Aside from this, the League of Legends melee assassin will go well with the Daybreak cards. The cards with this said mechanics will obtain all the bonuses if they are the first to be played cards in a turn, while Nightfall activates when they are not. As another accompaniment with all these synergies, Daybreak cards, such as Leona, wants to be proactive and more aggressive than the opponent. With this in mind, Diana will one of the cards in the upcoming expansion that we will see a lot in LoR.

The CCG’s Call of the Mountain will officially hit shelves on August 26th for both PC and mobile.