Respawn Has Confirmed Fight Or Fright Halloween Event In Apex Legends, Includes A Brand New Zombie Mode

Respawn Has Confirmed Fight Or Fright Halloween Event In Apex Legends, Includes A Brand New Zombie Mode
Credit: Apex Legends via Youtube

Respawn has released its plans for a Halloween festival within Apex Legends. They are calling the event ‘Fight or Fright,’ and fans are already planning their attacks. A new solo zombie game mode is being included, which is set in Kings Canyon along with new skins and a Lifeline heirloom.

The zombie mode is being called Shadowfall and will take place in Apex Legend’s original map. During season 3, Kings Canyon was replaced by World’s Edge, but now it is back for this Halloween event.

Shadowfall takes place in the dark and is a warped version of the Apex games hosted by a mysterious figure. Thirty-four players drop solo into Kings Canyon to fight it out. If you die, it is not your end, and instead, you will respawn as a member of the undead. This second team is known as “Shadow Squad,” and it comes with its own abilities.

The members of the Shadow Squad can not fire guns or use their abilities. Their speed is increased; they can jump higher and scale walls. Their melee attack deals much more damage, and they only have one goal in mind: killing the remaining players. The game ends when the remaining living Legends make it to the evac ship or die at the hands of the Shadow Squad.

This is similar to many zombie modes found in other games. Based on the original Halo zombie mode, players have seen Call of Duty and other games using the formula. It is an interesting event idea, but not many games have put it in a battle royale scenario. It is still too early to see if this game mode will gain any real traction.

If you play in the event, you have a chance to gain two new legendary weapon skins plus 24 limited-time premium cosmetics. The EA blog shows a gif that reveals three of the skins to be Frankenstein’s Monster, a skeleton, and a clown.

You will be able to buy any of Fight or Fright’s limited-time items from the start. Legendaries will cost 1,800 Apex Coins to purchase directly, while the Epics will only cost 1,000. You can also buy randomized Event Apex Packs, which each cost 700 coins with a chance at any of the other items.

Apex Legends promises zero duplicates and no event currency from the Event Apex Packs allowing players to gain even more items. If you manage to unlock all 24 Fight or Fright pack cosmetics you will also receive a new Lifeline heirloom set for free. This event is planned to run from October 15 through November 15.