Release Information For Morty And MultiVersus Season 1 Is Postponed

Release Information For Morty And MultiVersus Season 1 Is Postponed
Credit: IGN

The release date for the first season of Multiversus, a platform fighting game from Warner Bros., has been postponed.

The announcement was made in a Tweet from the main MultiVersus account, coupled with the information that Morty from the Rick and Morty cartoon will now also be delayed.

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Prior to delivering the terrible news about the delays, the first Tweet in the thread thanks players for enjoying and participating in the game. More gratitude is expressed to the fans towards the conclusion of the thread, which also states that the launch date will be announced: “as early as they can.”

Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus, provided some information on the now-delayed Season 1 Battle Pass earlier today on his personal Twitter account. The information comes after last week’s announcement that players’ progress in the game would not be reset now that it is in open beta.

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MultiVersus has amassed a sizable amount of simultaneous players on Steam despite being a relatively new game. It outperformed titles like Warframe and Destiny 2 last week in that category. Additionally, the number of console players has increased.

The free-to-play game has gotten a lot of positive comments from players. According to our review, which we rated an 8/10, it is a “raucous and enjoyable multiplayer platform shooter that awards players for knowing the strengths and flaws of its colorful array of characters.”

It is unknown what will be included in the MultiVersus season 1 battle pass. Morty from Rick and Morty will be added to the game when season 1 premieres.

When season 1 will start is another thing that isn’t known. Season 1 of MultiVersus has been postponed to an undisclosed date from when it was originally scheduled to premiere on August 9. I’m hoping the delay won’t be too long.