Reddit Users Start To Notice The Amazing Details Worked Into The Shows Of Spider-Man On PlayStation 4

Reddit Users Start To Notice The Amazing Details Worked Into The Shows Of Spider-Man On PlayStation 4
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

More than a year after his first video game adventure in years, fans are still pouring over small details from the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Spider-Man.

Players have gone over everything that’s great about this game from top to bottom. Recently, a number of Reddit users focused on the bottom, commenting on the heroes shoes.

A lot of detail work was put into this game, and close-up shots during some of Spidey’s kick-based offense have revealed how incredibly detailed the character’s boots are.

The Iron Foot [Marvel’s Spider-Man] [Screenshot] from PS4

The Iron Spider, pictured above, had some amazing detail crafted into the look and mechanics of the suit. But take a look at the boot in the above photo. Notice the scuff marks around the Iron Man-like repulsors? They look lightly worn, with the paint chipping away, as any metal based suit would look after it has been put through the kind of regular wear and tear incurred by Spider-Man. It makes you truly feel as though this is a suit that a New York-based super hero has been using as he lands on and vaults off of the buildings in the city.

Then there’s the Spider-Punk costume.

The spider-punk’s shoe soles make a spidey logo from GamingDetails

Not only do the soles of these shoes look a lot like well-worn sneakers, but when Spiderman puts his feet together to deliver a dropkick, it forms the Spidey logo.

That’s an unbelievably minute detail that might never have been noticed by a player. But still, the designers at Insomniac threw it in there for us to enjoy.

Another recent reveal that actually came from the developers themselves is that Jewish NPCs on the streets of New York won’t appear when the game is played on a Saturday, because that is the Jewish Sabbath.

The developers were seemingly waiting for someone to notice this and, since no one did, they decided to make that reveal themselves.

That just goes to show that there could be so much more hidden content waiting within this popular game for players to find. The gaming community is now, more than ever, interested in uncovering these little developer Easter eggs. Thanks to modern technology, like camera hacking, we’re able to see a lot more of our favorite games than ever before.

There has been no official announcement as of yet on a Spider-Man sequel, but given the game’s popularity and commercial success, it should surprise no one when this game is officially placed on Sony’s schedule.

Of course, it’s possible with the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 that Spider-Man 2 could wind up as an exclusive for this new system.