Red Dead Online Is Getting A Holiday Makeover With Snow, Free Loot, And More

Red Dead Online Is Getting A Holiday Makeover With Snow, Free Loot, And More
Credit: Tony StrongStyle via YouTube

Christmas is almost upon us. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this fact, especially if you’re a gamer. As you’re probably already aware, major games are getting in the holiday spirit. There’s plenty of themed content to get gamers hyped for the one special day of the year where families come together and celebrate.

The holiday touch is happening with Rockstar’s Red Dead Online, too. For starters, the climate will have a winter theme. There will be snow everywhere, whether you’re on an epic bounty or just messing around in the swamp. The visual makeover should bring some Christmas joy to all of the Red Dead Online users.

That’s not all. The themed content being introduced because of the holidays also is adding free loot. The special Gift Chest is including a bunch of goodies, such as candy, shotgun slugs, carrots, creek plums, and the Krampus double barrel shotgun variation. There’s something for everyone in this mixed bag of treats.

Rockstar is really doing its loyal fans a major service by providing this free loot. It should give you plenty of gear to ring in the new year with.

If that wasn’t enough, there will be new holiday Showdown modes. These include Spoils of War, Overrun, and Up in Smoke. Each mode pits players against others in fast-paced action. It should give you plenty of unique scenarios to enjoy and rewards for the successful team. These modes will be available all the way through January 6.

Finally, if you log in by January 6, you’ll be treated to some other incredible bonus material. For example, you’ll have access to 3,000 Club XP, a treasure map reward, and a free trader resupply reward.

Overall, this additional content and bonus material look like quite the offerings. They should make your gaming holidays all the more special. For those that have been away from Red Dead Online, these treats could be enough to get you back in the action.

Rockstar always seems to come through with this type of DLC. Even though they created one of the most in-depth and memorable base experiences, they still go above and beyond with the multiplayer portion of Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s a huge reason why this game has been nominated for so many awards since launching.

Even PC users have had the ability to enjoy these incredible experiences. It doesn’t seem like the franchise is slowing down any time soon and that’s great news.