Capcom Quietly Removes Denuvo From Resident Evil 2 On Steam

Capcom Quietly Removes Denuvo From Resident Evil 2 On Steam
Credit: Resident Evil 2 via Steam

Capcom has quietly removed Denuvo, a digital rights management (DRM) tool, from another one of their games.

The Steam page for Resident Evil 2 no longer has DRM listed. If players want to play the game, they’ll only have to agree to third-party EULA.

Capcom included Denuvo at launch. Many developers and publishers include Denuvo in their games to prevent piracy. In Resident Evil 2’s case, this also created some issues.

Denuvo was previously removed from the Resident Evil 2 demo earlier this year. Capcom didn’t make any announcements about this, but savvy gamers noticed immediately.

The new version of the demo, titled Resident Evil 2 R.P.D. Demo, also does not include Denuvo. The demo also came with Easter eggs for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake, such as a letter from the protagonist Jill Valentine and Nemesis shouting “Stars” outside of the R.P.D. headquarters. Fans can also play with demo without the 30-minute limitation that was in the One-Shot version.

For many, DRM is a dealbreaker before they’ll purchase a PC game. Now with the removal of Denuvo, fans of the series can purchase Resident Evil 2 without having to worry about DRM.

This isn’t the only time Capcom has quietly pulled Denuvo from their popular games. Resident Evil 7 was the last title in the series to have Denuvo removed two years after it launched.

Capcom doesn’t remove Denuvo from all of its games. There are still titles like the Dead Rising series, which still includes the DRM software. It’s unclear when or if Denuvo will ever be removed.

Resident Evil 2 is the latest in the series, even though it’s a remake of the second sequel. The Steam page states: “A deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998, plunging the city into chaos as flesh eating zombies roam the streets for survivors. An unparalleled adrenaline rush, gripping storyline, and unimaginable horrors await you. Witness the return of Resident Evil 2.”

The removal of Denuvo comes around the same time as the announcement of the Resident Evil 3 remake. RE3 is now available for pre-order but does not contain information about any third-party agreements or DRM. It’s highly likely the PC version will be initially sold with Denuvo.

Resident Evil 2 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.