Re-Logic Takes To Steam To Announce Upcoming Weekly Terraria Livestream Starting Tomorrow

Re-Logic Takes To Steam To Announce Upcoming Weekly Terraria Livestream Starting Tomorrow
Credit: Re-Logic via YouTube

Fans that have been chewing their fingernails in anticipation for the final Terraria update 1.4 titled Journey’s End may have something to celebrate starting tomorrow, as the game’s developer Re-Logic has taken to Steam to announce the beginning of weekly live streams on Twitch.  It is officially titled as the Official Terrara Weekly Livestream, and the community is pretty unsure of what these will actually contain; the developer note on the recurring event is decidedly scarce.

The note states that almost anything can happen during the live streams, and the developers are planning on hosting giveaways and conducting contests for ‘epic prizes’.

Before the speculation begins, it’s worth taking note of one of the most recent live streams that were conducted by Re-Logic.  An event announcing something ‘major’ (their words) was teased for over a week, and began generating a massive amount of hype as many presumed that it was news of the much anticipated 1.4 patch that fans have been waiting for over a year.  Tens of thousands of users were logged in and waiting patiently, and then two guys popped on stream and announced that they made Terraria toys.

It was very amusing to sit in the chat and watch them deal with furious users as their viewer numbers dwindled faster than stocks in 2008 during the Great Recession, but a ‘great reveal’ it decidedly was not.  So let’s all keep in mind that previous live streams have been somewhat hit and miss when it comes to the fabled development studio, although 505 Games (developers/port studio of Terraria off PC) also have their hat in the ring of these weekly live streams.

There are, however, two things we can readily presume from this announcement.

First, 1.4 must be closer than ever before.  A seemingly moronic statement, as every day brings the community closer to the patch than the one prior, but Re-Logic taking time and members away from active development likely signals that they are nearing the end of the road map, and itching to re-ignite community traction.

It’s unlikely that there are still members of the PC gaming community that are interested in Terraria that have not purchased and played it, so at this point in time, it’s difficult to decide how much beneficial sway this community outreach program will have unless they’re pitching more accessories, such as action figures and stuffed animals.

Secondly, Re-Logic will likely begin using these weekly live streams as a way of showing 1.4 content.  Their official Twitch channel was last used as 1.3 was nearing completion, and the channel hosted developers showing new gameplay as they discussed their ideas and plans.

The period of guessing and theories will be thankfully shortlived, as the live stream will begin tomorrow at 1300 PST.  Everyone may now begin to collectively hold their breath while hoping that it isn’t more stuffed animals or branded toys.