BurgerTime Party! Has A Demo Availiable On The Nintendo eShop Today, The 1982 Classic Has Been Reborn Thanks To XSEED Games

BurgerTime Party! Has A Demo Availiable On The Nintendo eShop Today, The 1982 Classic Has Been Reborn Thanks To XSEED Games
Credit: XSEED

BurgetTime Party released for the Nintendo Switch back in October. Now a tasty looking demo has appeared from XSEED Games to try and let fans experience the rush that the burger battling game can be. Building upon the foundation that the original game made back in 1982, XSEED Games has created a modern version reimagining the burger builder battler in a whole new light.

The demo is free to download and gives players a chance to experience each of the four different gameplay styles. Players can check out the single-player mode aptly named “Solo Burger” along with the “Main Burger” mode for up to four players. Then there is the “Battle Burger” mode for some PVP action and the classic arcade-style “Challenge Burger” mode.

Journey to Peter Pepper’s grill, where parties and food come together. Create massive burgers while avoiding edible enemies that want to make you the meal. This game comes packed with over 100 stages of platforming puzzles in a classic arcade fashion.

Games like this defined an era of arcade classics. While not the most popular during its time, it still stood as an arcade giant alongside popular titles like Pac-Man and Missle Command. These classic games helped bring video games to where they are today, and getting to see them reimagined really goes to show the timeless nature of these titles.

This game has an interesting history with its original title in Japan being simply “Hamburger.” It was after its western release that it got its new name, “BugerTime,” and a legend was born. The company that made the game, Data East, went bankrupt in 2004, at which point most of their property was bought by G-Mode.

The object of the game is to complete a set number of hamburgers while avoiding the enemy food that wants to stop you. Each map consists of a maze of planks, ladders, and giant burger ingredients.

Players can earn bonus points by crushing their enemies. There are three types of enemies trying to defeat you. Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg which can be stopped by crushing them under falling ingredients. The ingredients fall two extra levels for every enemy caught on it.

Any fans that want to play the full game can find it on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99. In celebration for the demo, the game is on sale from now until January 16 for $13.99. Curve those burger cravings with this classic arcade game, which is sure to satisfy your classic arcade hunger.