Raji: An Ancient Quest – A Fierce Combination Of Ass-Kicking Olden India And Prince Of Persia

Raji: An Ancient Quest – A Fierce Combination Of Ass-Kicking Olden India And Prince Of Persia
Credit: Raji: An Ancient Epic via YouTube

Though the Raji Kickstarter in 2017 didn’t go out as planned, the work did not stop until the game shaped-up. Now finding its true form, it became a fierce fusion of Prince of Persia and some devilish ancient India ass-kicking.

Fans will surely be more than excited to experience this game first hand.

Gamers first learned about this game in the later part of 2017 through a conference for game developers by Nasscom. Back then, the said conference was the largest event hosted in India.

It was also around this time that a Kickstarter was launched to get funding up to £120,000. By then, they weren’t able to reach the said amount, let alone come close to it.

This stumble, however, didn’t stop the developers from working on it. Fortunately, in March, the game was signed-up for a publishing contract with Super.com.

And today, the developers released a video trailer that they laboriously put together for GDC 2019. Surprisingly, the new version is a far cry from its original version. It sounds and looks pretty amazing!

Raji: An Ancient Quest is described as a high-intensity action-platformer game. It centers on the adventures of a young girl specifically chosen by the benevolent gods. She is tasked to fight and face demons that brought chaos to the human world.

Unfortunately, this girl has grown weak and lazy. She has also forgotten about alchemy. And as the human fortresses and cities crumbled, everyone and everything fell under the onslaught.

To make matters worse, Raji’s younger brother was kidnapped by demons. Raji now wants to save her brother back, armed with the god’s blessings. The gods indeed stood by the rest of humankind.

Raji now embarks on a quest to save not only her brother but also the entire human race. While at it, she’ll be kicking these deadly demons’ asses.

Though the latter part of the description is a bit embellished, the idea is there. Raji: An Ancient Quest is a beautifully crafted game, amid the violence and the brutality.

Raji can use and choose the different and varying power of numerous gods. Each of these gods’ power comes with a unique armory. The different levels of the game are also full of exciting puzzles and intriguing locations gamers can solve and discover.

Currently, Raji: An Ancient Epic is up on Steam. There’s a demo also available but it’s not sure if it was the same demo released in 2017. Despite this, the game really looks promising. The full version of Raji is set to be released in the early part of 2020.