Rainbow Six Siege To Get More Elite Skins, Would A Dog Be The New Operator In The Game?

Rainbow Six Siege To Get More Elite Skins, Would A Dog Be The New Operator In The Game?
Credit: DBL online via YouTube

Ubisoft would soon be introducing more new elite skins for each of the existing operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

Aside from the upcoming skins, fans are also excited to meet new operators. They have been asking the developer to come up with stronger and more exciting characters.

Among the operators, these gamers would like to see are the dual pistol operator and K9 unit. Their addition to the game could be fun. However, it seems they are not making an appearance anytime soon.

The Wired video of Alexander Karpazis, Ubisoft Montreal’s presentation director, has so much to say. Based on it, it could be understood that what the company can offer now are more skins. He, however, hinted that there could be three elite skins for each of the Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the clamor for a dual pistol operator, Karpazis made a revelation. He shared that they have never done a prototype of the operator until recently. This means that it’s not included in their plans so far. Nevertheless, he admitted that it could be a cool feature.

As to the addition of a K9 unit, the executive sounded adamant about it. He instead threw a question to those who have been pushing for it. Are the players ready to shoot a dog while on a mission? This could be difficult to answer for many Rainbow Six Siege fans.

The first-person shooter game has been around since December 2015. This means that it has introduced several updates and patches since then. The latest of which is the Operation Ember Rise. As of Sept. 6 this year, the game already has 50 million players, according to its Twitter account.

The latest patch was released last Sept. 11. It brought two new operators to the game – Goyo and Amaru.

Cesar “Goyo” Ruiz Hernandez is a specialist from Mexico who takes pride in being always ahead of his opponents. His ability to understand human behavior gives him an edge over his foes in Rainbow Six Siege.

Meanwhile, Azucena Rocio “Amaru” Quispe, a specialist recruited in Peru, is a cautious type. She tends to evaluate things and situations completely before deciding that everything is clear. Her resilient personality makes her an intelligent fighter.

Apart from the arrival of Goyo and Amaru, the rework made in the Kanal map was another impressive update. The improvement has helped in navigating with great ease. This has benefited both the Attackers and Defenders.

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