PUBG’s Update 6.2 Is Now Live On Test Servers And Has Added A New Team Deathmatch Mode

PUBG’s Update 6.2 Is Now Live On Test Servers And Has Added A New Team Deathmatch Mode
Credit: Ch0pper via YouTube

It’s 2020 and the battle royale genre of gaming is still going strong. Gamers can’t get enough of battling it out until only one player or squad remains. It’s a successful formula that many developers have been able to take and run with. One of the earlier games in this space was PUBG. It has set the bar pretty high, which can be attributed to its authentic combat and addicting nature. Being the last man standing feels so satisfying, no matter how many matches you play.

The game is now on its 6.2 update. It’s bringing with it a lot of improvements and new content, with one of the most prominent being an 8v8 Team Deathmatch mode. It’s definitely a change from what PUBG players have experienced thus far, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually cool to see the developer take initiative to put out a new mode. It shows they’re not looking to rest on their laurels. Rather, they want to keep making this battle royale game amazing and stand out from the pack. On paper, this 8v8 mode could do just the trick.

Players will have the opportunity to select from one of eight different loadouts. There won’t be any friendly fire, which is great if you’re one of those who’s a little quick on the trigger. Your mistakes won’t prove costly for your team, thankfully. The health generation that each player has will refill if you get kills and assists. Every match lasts for 10 minutes or until the first team gets 50 kills.

Overall, this new mode seems like a great addition to PUBG. Sure, there will probably be players who still prefer the battle royale portion as this is what PUBG started out as. Still, it’s nice to see PUBG Corporation looking to cater to a different audience, at least on a temporary basis. You can bet there will be a ton of interested users looking to take this new mode out for a spin. If it is successful, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the developer add additional modes moving forward.

However, it is worth mentioning that the developer still has battle royale in its targets. They won’t change the core gameplay because they know how many gamers are still passionate about it. PUBG is still thriving today and that’s a testament to the developer’s constant need to make improvements. It will be fun to see what they can come out with next.