PUBG Gamer Wins Week 4 Of The 2019 PUBG Awards With His Impressive Close-Range Sniper Triple-Kill

PUBG Gamer Wins Week 4  Of The 2019 PUBG Awards With His Impressive Close-Range Sniper Triple-Kill

Sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than a close-range sniper kill. And sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than three consecutive close-range sniper kills.

PUBG gamer Frolicer submitted a video for the 2019 PUBG Awards of him doing just that, and appropriately, he was crowned the Week 4 first-place champion.

Here is the 2019 PUBG Awards video that featured Frolicer’s work of art:

Week 4, which was the final week of the month-long event, required players to get impressive or engaging kills while using the Win94. And if gamers watch the video, they probably feel both impressed and engaged by Frolicer’s triple headshot.

Probably the funniest part of the video is the lack of reaction by Frolicer. It seems just like another day on the job for him. Three enemies, no problem, he’ll just drop them all.

As a first-place finisher, Frolicer is the recipient of multiple PUBG goodies, a physical 2019 PUBG Awards trophy, a physical t-shirt, and an in-game t-shirt.

He is not the only winner, however. Every week, PUBG Corp. chooses over 50 winners. One second-place winner will receive both the in-game and physical t-shirts, while the 50 third-place winners will get the in-game t-shirt.

As mentioned earlier, this was the last week to submit a clip. The first week’s category was “Aim to Win,” which challenged PUBG gamers to get an entertaining or skillful kill with a throwing melee-weapon.

The second week highlighted gamers that made a mistake but recovered with a stroke of luck or pure calculation. It was called, “I Meant to Do That.” Week 3 was coined “Just Got My License,” and it got players to mow down their enemies in spectacular fashion using vehicles.

Just because the clip submission part is over, does not mean that the 2019 PUBG Awards are over! Starting January 1st, fans will be able to vote for their favorite first-place clip. Since there have been four weeks with four first-place champs, fans will have to choose between the best of the best.

The video that receives the most votes will become the sole winner of the 2019 PUBG Awards, and the accolade will net the gamer the 2019 Golden PUBG Award.

So, if gamers are interested in voting, they should keep an eye on the PUBG website, or their social media platforms, to get the information on where they can watch the videos and how to vote!

This has been a decent year of gaming for a lot of PUBG players, and this is a great way to cap off the decade.