Population Zero Is A Narrative-Based Survival Experience Heading To Steam In May

Population Zero Is A Narrative-Based Survival Experience Heading To Steam In May
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you like narrative-based experiences in video games, then you may want to keep an eye out for Population Zero. It’s shaping up to be quite the story-driven sci-fi title based on initial impressions. It’s currently in closed beta testing right now, but according to Enplex Games, it will be available to everyone on Steam starting in May.

The developer made this news recently with an announcement trailer. It starts off showing a lot of different biomes. There is quite the diversity in colors, plants, and even creatures that inhabit them. It then shows people constructing settlements around the diverse settings. We finally see some brief clips of combat and platforming. Overall, it’s a great teaser trailer painting an epic picture for Population Zero.

The planet that your character will be inhabiting is called Kepler. It’s full of so much mystery and ancient life. You’ll have to race against the clock to repair the planet’s reactor and restart your hibernation pod. Failing to do so will result in deadly radiation.

Not only do you have to hurry to complete vital tasks, but you’ll be forced to brave the alien life that inhabits Kepler. According to the teaser trailer, they look pretty interesting. Some are massive in size and will warranty your best survival efforts.

As you finish a session, you’ll have the opportunity to earn experience points. They can be used to upgrade your player account. This gives you access to different modes, which should create a completely new experience in Population Zero. That’s a pretty unique design that not a lot of exploration games have. It instantly makes this title stand out from the pack.

Even the simple nature of exploring the diverse biomes seems like an incredible experience that will take up hours of your time. The developer has given each biome a distinct personality that almost makes them feel alive. Throughout your exploration on Kepler, you never really know what you’ll find and what mysteries you’ll unlock. That should keep you immersed in the story and action from start to finish.

Although Population Zero is just entering Early Access starting in May, that is still the perfect opportunity to see what this game has to offer. If you enjoy exploration and unique stories, then this game has a lot of value for you. Who knows what revelations you’ll make throughout your journeys on a well-detailed and unique planet?