Polish Government Launches Minecraft Server To Encourage Kids To Stay Indoors

Polish Government Launches Minecraft Server To Encourage Kids To Stay Indoors
Credit: Minecraft Official Website

Countries across the globe are encouraging people to stay indoors to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The virus is advancing rapidly in some places, which has people scrambling for fun indoor activities.

Schools have been canceled in many places, and there’s only so much school work kids can, or want, to do. The Polish government is doing its part to encourage kids to stay indoors with various activities while schools are closed. The timeline for schools reopening around the globe has been a debated topic, with some places deciding to close for the rest of the school year.

One of those activities is releasing a website called Grarantanna with various online activities, including a Minecraft server. The content of the website is available for free.

Poland has set up its own Minecraft server not only to encourage kids to stay home but to give them a way to connect with others. While social distancing is important to help stop the spread of the virus, some are still seeking a connection with others.

The Minecraft server will contain different activities for students of all ages. Each student received a 60×60 plot of land, and the best creations would receive an additional reward. The government is hosting various activities on the servers.

Other activities on the website include Polish history and geography lessons, webinars, and a game jam to help kids learn how to develop video games.

Poland’s Neverlight Association, which is involved in eSports and other gaming activities, is taking care of the Minecraft server.

Grarantanna was created to give kids educational options online. The Minecraft server is fun but also helps kids stay connected with other students and gives them an outlet to stay creative. The website itself has fun activities but aims to keep kids engaged in their school work.

The website also gives parents and caregivers working at home a fun, safe activity to do to keep occupied.

It’s unknown how long the activity website and the Minecraft server will stay online.

For those living outside of Poland, Microsoft announced that it released a new “Educational Collection” for the game. The content includes exploring the International Space Station, learning to code, visiting landmarks in Washington, D.C., and more. The free collection is available until June 30.