Pokemon Go January 2020 Events Announced, New Gen 5 Pokemon And A Returning Legendary Set For The Coming Month

Pokemon Go January 2020 Events Announced, New Gen 5 Pokemon And A Returning Legendary Set For The Coming Month
Credit: Niantic

2020 is almost here, and Pokemon Go is giving a peek into some of the events coming in January. There are tons of in-game activities for the hit Pokemon mobile game, including the return of a Legendary, a new Research Breakthrough reward, the debut of some new Gen 5 Pokemon, and much more.

Pokemon Go is continuing to see success in the mobile market. Every month new and interesting events spark the game back into the news. From holiday specials to the constant updating, the game seems to be ever-changing with its community and set for another strong year of catching these creatures.

A new Special Research questline set around the villainous Team Rocket is ready for next month. Similar to the December Team Rocket Special Research, this questline will end with a battle against the infamous Team Rocket boss Giovanni. If you defeat him, you will have a chance to capture the Shadow Legendary Pokemon, Moltres.

Every month brings a new batch of Field Research tasks to the game. Each time you complete one and achieve a Research Breakthrough in January, you’ll encounter a special Lapras with either Ice Shard or Ice Beam as its special move. This could be the last time fans have to gain this Lapras as the last time it was seen with these attacks was in 2018.

The Adventure Sync Hatchathon even is also coming back and will be active from January 2 through 16. During this, even trainers will be able to earn rewards like extra Stardust, an Unova Stone, Rare Candies, and other assorted things. Everything is earned by simply walking certain distances. While this event is active, trainers may even be able to hatch and encounter wild Pokemon wearing party hats from the New Year celebration.

The Legendary Pokemon Heatran will be making its return to Pokemon Go. Trainers will find the Lava Dome Pokemon in five-star Raids from January 7 to February 4. This time trainers may even have a chance to encounter and catch a Shiny Heatran.

Niantic is always quick to tease new Pokemon that will appear in the game. The developer is hinting that more Pokemon from the Unova region are making their way into the mobile title. Although no direct details have been shared, it is confirmed that at least some new Gen 5 stars will be debuting next month.

Interested Trainers can find more about Pokemon Go’s January events on the game’s official website. Keep in mind that the Legendary Pokemon Virizion is still available until January 7. The next community day is also set for Sunday, January 19, but no detailed information is available as of yet.

As always, Pokemon Go is free on iOS and Android devices. The game does have some minor in-game transactions, but it is still free to play.