PlayStation Shows Off The X-Factor System In Madden NFL 20 With Some Top Superstars

PlayStation Shows Off The X-Factor System In Madden NFL 20 With Some Top Superstars
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Every year, NFL fantastics get to look forward to the release of a new Madden game. This franchise is synonymous with professional football, and is one of the most iconic sports series around. We’re now approaching Madden 20, which is shaping up to be one of the best installments to date.

Patrick Mahomes is gracing this year’s cover, a well-deserved feat. Coming straight from Texas Tech University, Mahomes took the NFL by storm with the Kansas City Chiefs. Although he came up short against the Patriots in the playoffs, he had an amazing showing and set records left and right.

We also know that Madden 20 is bringing back college teams, which will be featured in a playoff system. However, one of the more important features this installment is getting for the first time is an X-Factor system. So what exactly is this system and how will it affect players in the game? Let’s break it down.

For starters, this system is supposed to give players the chance to feel like a real superstar. Real players in the NFL have unique abilities. For example, Patrick Mahomes is great at throwing out of the pocket and excels at the deep ball. These abilities will be reflected in the game for players who choose a similar skillset.

To show off the system, PlayStation gave fans a closer look at the X-Factor mechanics. We — of course — see Mahomes sporting a bazooka X-Factor. It enables him to throw deep passes like they’re nothing. The footage then cuts to JuJu Smith sporting the double-me skillset. As its name implies, Smith can win aggressive catches when in single coverage.

On the defensive side, Aaron Donald is featured with the fearmonger X-Factor. It lets him pressure the QB while squaring off with a blocker. As you can see, these X-Factor categories give players a boost in one skill department. These boosts could be the difference in winning and losing.

Every major superstar in the NFL will have an X-Factor category. One can only assume you’ll have the chance to assign a category to your created QB player in the career mode. This opens up the door to so many possibilities on the field. It should lead to some amazing plays and game-changing momentum swings.

Madden NFL 20 is shaping up to be quite the sports title. Its official release is only one month away, and already, fans are buzzing about what’s in store. It seems like the developers at EA Tiburon are pulling out all of the stops for this one.