PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup For December 2019 Potentially Leaked Ahead Of Schedule

PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup For December 2019 Potentially Leaked Ahead Of Schedule
Credit: Sony via YouTube

With November soon coming to a close, it’s almost time for Sony to announce their December free games lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers. But, according to a leak on Reddit, one of the two games has been spoiled ahead of time.

Over on Reddit, a user by the name of BubaManUK reported that he was unable to purchase the standard edition of God of War, as the application in the PlayStation Store was displaying that it’s free for PS Plus subscribers. The user who reported this posted a screenshot of the application in the store, which you can check out below.

Of course, it’s worth noting that this could be a well-done photoshop, as this hasn’t been confirmed by Sony at this point.

If you’re a subscriber to Sony’s PlayStation Now service, then you can already download the standard edition of God of War at no additional cost. Right now, the game is the service’s strongest selling point, as it’s featured on all of PS Now’s promotional images. So, either Sony is going to add another blockbuster game to the PS Now lineup to replace it as its biggest game, or they’re not, which would likely mean that God of War isn’t going free for PS Plus subscribers next month.

Sony has been on a pretty good roll with their PS Plus free games lineup, as they added Outlast 2 and Nioh to the subscription service earlier this month. Before that, they recently added notable games such as MLB The Show 19, The Last of Us Remastered, and Darksiders III to the PS Plus free games lineup.

The theme for November’s free games lineup was sequels, as both Outlast 2 and Nioh have sequels that are coming soon. So, if God of War is added to the PS Plus free games lineup next month, that could mean that a sequel announcement is incoming.

For those who played God of War, the game’s ending did suggest that there’s going to be a sequel. Of course, it’s been rumored that Santa Monica Studios, the developers behind the God of War franchise, is already working on a fifth main installment to their critically acclaimed series, as they’ve posted several job opportunities over the last few months, and the descriptions of the openings seem to suggest that another game is in development.

Aside from the potential God of War leak, there haven’t been any clues as to what next month’s PS Plus free games lineup will look like.