Players To See Cold War Environment And Actions In The Latest Arma 3 Campaign

Players To See Cold War Environment And Actions In The Latest Arma 3 Campaign
Credit: ARMA 3 via YouTube

Fans of history and action will probably find playing a soldier in the Cold War interesting in Arma 3 campaign. The first Creator DLC for Arma 3 will feature the Cold War Germany, and it is now available.

The release was announced on Monday by Vertexmacht and Bohemia Interactive. A glimpse on the premier Creator DLC called Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany can be seen in the trailer.

According to the latest report on the Arma 3 website, the theme takes players back to the 1980s era. It features the warfare between the two sides of Germany. Players will be deployed to the northern part of Germany where they will explore a massive terrain.

The terrain shows the Weferlingen where there are 419 kilometers of the area to build on. The area is actually inspired by a real location. The terrain also has a winter variant. The biggest feature here is the inner part of the German border which devs recreated using real documents.

The DLC pack also comes with new weapons, vehicles, clothing, gears, and several player modes. The game developers said there are 42 vehicles on the game. It has 50 destructible encampments in both the East and West side.

There will be multiplayer scenarios and a single player campaign to choose from. There is a total of 17 multiplayer scenarios to play in co-op, while single players will find 10 missions. The pack also contains Denmark, but they only have a small military faction.

The exciting thing about Arma 3’s latest campaign is that the 2-man team that supported the modding community. In fact, it was said that the Vertexmacht participated in the Arma modding community for a long time. They are also professionals when it comes to game creation and military service.

The DLC pack actually supports players’ favorite third-party developers. The Creator DLC of the Arma 3 is a program that allows outside game developers to publish their original work. It presents them an opportunity to share their work as a commercial content on Steam.

Bohemia said they wish to provide Arma 3 players with quality contents and give opportunities to talented developers. The developers earn monetary rewards from the program. It is also their way to get more investment to the Arma series. Bohemia said the game will get a “long-term future.”

The Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany pack sells for $23 on Steam. It is also available on Bohemia Store. It’s currently at 10 percent off until May 6.