Players In Fallout 76 Are Building Elaborate, Funny Traps; Are Sending Bodies Flying Through The Air

Players In Fallout 76 Are Building Elaborate, Funny Traps; Are Sending Bodies Flying Through The Air
Credit: Caurbine S via YouTube

When Fallout 76 originally debuted, it was received with a lot of negative feedback. You see, the game was full of bugs and there weren’t any NPCs to interact with. It was an interesting choice from Bethesda, who have always poured a lot of time into their games before releasing them to the public.

It seems like the developers were rushed and never able to really get their footing. Luckily, Bethesda hasn’t given up. They’ve added regular updates and a huge event, which for the most part, have made gameplay much better. Players in the Wasteland seem to enjoy it too, as there have been numerous videos of fun online interactions.

One sort of interaction is gaining a lot of spotlight as of late, and for good reason. Apparently, users are building these elaborate death traps. So as you’re walking along the Wasteland not expecting a thing to happen, you fall into a pit. This is no ordinary pit, though. It’s full of flamethrowers. As if that wasn’t enough, your lifeless body is then projected high in the air.

One user in particular — Xntryk 1 — has been utilizing these traps more than others. There are a ton of videos showing unsuspecting victims walking right into his store only to be killed and flung into the air like they’re ants. For some reason, this hilarious visual never ceases to be funny.

It’s experiences like this that have helped Bethesda turn Fallout 76 around. Sure, the game had a rocky start at first — but that happens with a lot of AAA games today. Developers are under so much pressure to deliver a finished product in an insanely short amount of time. Sometimes, great games like the Fallout series simply require more time than others.

Bethesda seems to be taking everything in stride. They know their game wasn’t perfect, and yet they’re still content on giving its users the best game experiences possible. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Fallout 76, now may be the perfect time. It’s going for as low as $18.79 through several gaming outlets online.

There are a lot of new updates to look forward to, and plenty of users are loving their interactions with others. Slowly but surely, this game is finding its way in the crowded space of first-person shooters. It will be interesting to see what more updates Bethesda can come up with moving forward. They seem to be on the right path either way.