Persona 5 Royal To Finally Land On The Western Shores In Spring Of Next Year

Persona 5 Royal To Finally Land On The Western Shores In Spring Of Next Year
Credit: AtlusUSA via YouTube

There’s finally a timetable for the release date of Persona 5 Royal outside of Japan.

According to the report from Gamespot, Persona 5 Royal will hit North America in the spring of 2020. It doesn’t really address fans’ demands for an exact date, but it shrinks the possible timetable of the launch.

Just like with previous games, Persona 5 Royal will first be launched in Japan. Japanese fans have already penciled their calendars for Oct. 31, 2019. However, Atlus also confirmed that it will have a North American release date in 2020.

To the dismay of fans, there was no release window for the game when Atlus made the announcement.

Watch the trailer for Persona 5. Wait at the end where it specifically says the game is coming to the west in Spring 2020. The release date is interesting, considering that there are other big games with a similar launch window. For instance, the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy VII will also debut in Spring of 2020.

Persona 5 Royal will introduce a new playable character named Kasumi Yoshizawa. She seems to have a good rapport with Joker who appears to really like her. They are seen laughing together during the Hawaii trip or eating dinner at Shibuya.

Fans will also get to witness how Kasumi Yoshizawa awakens her persona, which is a first for the game. Joker and Morgana are there to also see her show her power and Cendrillon, her persona, at her side.

Aside from Kasumi Yoshizawa, two other new characters will be introduced in P5R. They are Tatuko Maruki, who seems to be an empath with the ability to feel others. He uses this power to help others, but he doesn’t have a high opinion on Principal Kobayakawa.

The other character is José, which is an NPC in Persona 5 Royal. He looks cute, but he lends assistance to the Phantom Thieves in the Prison of Regression. José can upgrade your items or accessory and buff them a few notches higher.

Persona 5 Royal, also known as P5R, will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. It’s one of the most anticipated games after it was teased by the developer on Dec. 30, 2018. Atlus hasn’t released any details for the game. However, it has been dropping trailers that give fans an idea of what to expect for Persona 5 Royal.