Perkz And Caps Will Switch Positions Once Again for Europe’s 2020 League European Championship Summer Split

Perkz And Caps Will Switch Positions Once Again for Europe’s 2020 League European Championship Summer Split
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

It’s only been a few weeks since G2 Esports took home the 2020 LEC Spring Split championship, but the best team in Europe is making another roster change in preparation for the 2020 LEC Summer Season.

G2’s head coach Fabian “‎GrabbZ‎” Lohmann confirmed that superstars Caps and Perkz will be switching back to their 2019 roster iteration, with Perkz heading back to the AD carry position and Caps taking back the mid lane.

There has been plenty of talk during the offseason around the possibility of Caps and Perkz switching back to their 2019 positions—G2’s owner Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago also said that “the ultimate goal” would be to have both players change roles on a game-to-game basis.

“Honestly? I don’t know. What I would say is that now we know how to play Caps bot and Perkz mid, and Perkz bot with Caps mid,” Ocelote said in an interview with Sky Sports. “So who’s going to play where? Nobody knows.”

Many G2 fans have welcomed back Caps to the mid lane and Perkz to the bottom lane, since Caps visibly struggled during a handful of games this past split. Although the team only lost three games during the regular season, Caps died multiple times in uncharacteristic fashions, like getting caught out in a side lane or overextending.

It was clear to both fans and analysts that the better ADC of the two was Perkz, but luckily, Caps returned to form during the playoffs. As a result, it wouldn’t be hard for G2 to flex both players in both positions, based on the matchup. This roster prides themselves on their flexibility, but having two of the best players in the world does make life quite a bit easier.

G2 Esports have been looking phenomenal the past couple of years and role swapping seems to come easily to their players. They are one of the best Western teams who proved that they are to be feared by the international competition. Their story started when they defeated Royal Never Give Up during the 2018 World Championship. Even though they lost to Invictus Gaming in the finals in the end, they showed up huge and everyone started respecting this team.

Caps and Perkz seem to be the best mid laners in Europe, yet they can swap easily to ADC role to fill in the shoes of that role for the team. We might get to seem in this roles for the upcoming World Championship as well, it’s unlikely they’ll swap at least before next year.