PC Building Simulator Is Now Availiable On Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, And PlayStation 4, You Can Now Build A Digital Gaming PC On Console

PC Building Simulator Is Now Availiable On Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, And PlayStation 4, You Can Now Build A Digital Gaming PC On Console
Credit: The Irregular Corporation

Almost every gamer has dreamed of owning a super powerful gaming computer at some point in their lives. Now you have a chance to build one in the recently released PC Building Simulator digitallyAlthough this game has been available on PC for over a year, it is finally coming to console. You will have a chance to build your dream computer, on your favorite console system.

The entire game is centered around owning and running a PC building workshop. Whether you are building your machine or simply fixing machines for digital customers, the entire game strives to give an authentic feeling to the whole experience.

If you decide to play in Story Mode, you get to run a PC repair workshop. Customers will bring in their machines, and you must order parts, keep up with the shop’s income, and repair broken machines. It turns into both a time management style game as well as ordering the right parts. There is a level of skill to this type of game and a learning curve that many have commented about online.

There is a lot of work involved in running a PC repair business. All the jobs come in on your office computer, and you can accept them by email, once customers drop off their machines, the real work begins. You start with the basics, removing viruses, or cleaning out dust-clogged cases. Eventually, you work to swapping out CPUs and upgrading the memory on all these digital machines.

If you play in Free Build mode, you are given access to thousands of official parts from real manufacturers like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ASUS, and NZXT. You work with virtual copies of real parts and build the machine of your dreams.

Building your machine is a ton of fun as you get access to real-world parts. You choose how many fans, where they are installed, whether or not to use a liquid cooling system and can even program the LEDs. PC building is both art and science as you build a machine that is both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

This game is about a lot more than simply hardware. You get to set up the computer’s internal BIOS and even overclock the CPU. The game has enough in-game options to simulate the actual PCs functions allowing you to push the limit and get slowly closer to crashing while still maintaining optimal performance.

The game will be available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 for $20.00 and is a great practice game for building your rig. With virtual money and real parts, this is an excellent opportunity to test any build you could dream of.