Payday 3 Release Date Pushed Further To 2022-2023, Could This Be Final This Time?

Payday 3 Release Date Pushed Further To 2022-2023, Could This Be Final This Time?
Credit: Red Archer Live via YouTube

The release date of Payday 3 has been pushed further. Could this be the final schedule for the anticipated game?

Back in 2017, reports about the development of the Payday 2 sequel made headlines. It was even reported that the game would be launched by 2020. However, with barely three months left before 2019 ends, another update shocked fans.

The third installment of the cooperative first-person shooter video game from Overkill Software is still far from reality.

The developer might have all the skills to meet the planned release date of the new title. Nevertheless, certain things have to be considered first before making it live.

In February 2017, Starbreeze chief executive office Bo Andersson Klint shared that they were not rushing to finish Payday 3. He pointed out that as the company’s “most important brand,” they wanted it to have enough time for development. More than two years after, the title has remained in a “not ready” phase.

Starbreeze AB released its cash flow estimates on October 11. It appears that the game finally has a definite release date. But, it would still be three or four years from now.

The Swedish publishing firm revealed that its cash flow would be on an uptrend due to “expected events.” On top of the list is the launch of Payday 3 between 2022 and 2023. The anticipated publishing agreements will contribute to this upward trend, as well.

The original title in the series, Payday: The Heist, was launched in 2011. By 2015, the second installment, Payday 2, was released. Since it is already the last quarter of 2019, fans can no longer wait for its sequel. What they can only do for now, though, is to hope for the best. Hopefully, the newly published release date is already final.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans might be thinking now of the enhancements that the third installment would feature. It can be recalled that the second one has been praised for its cooperative elements. However, its AI has been getting negative comments. Its announcement teaser did not generate too much positive reception because of the graphics quality.

In a Reddit discussion, certified fans of the series shared their suggestions for the upcoming sequel. According to them, the journey of Jiro and Sangres must be highlighted with exciting adventures. They may encounter three Nephilims who want to kill them for a reason. Overkill Software may likewise develop one of the fans into a playable character.

What do you think of these suggestions? Well, keep posted for more Payday 3 news and updates before it finally comes out!